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Table of Contents:

How to Put a STOP to Your Distractions

2 Backlink Myths Busted

2 Dofollow Clones of Yahoo Answers

What the FTC Really Wants from Affiliate Marketers!

3 Steps to Managing Multiple Domains with Wordpress

3 Steps to Managing Multiple Domains with Wordpress-Using Subfolder Setup!

8 Web Hosting Tips to Save Your Business

4 Newbie Questions Answered

4 Search Engine Optimization Questions Answered

4 Tips to Using Backlinks of Angela in a Better Way

5 Easy SEO Redirect Rules for Newbies

5 Quick Steps to Backlink Building Success

5 Steps to Make your Website User Friendly

6 Easy Steps to Building Money-Making Product Review Sites

List Building Tips

6 Inane SEO Questions Answered

6 Steps to Successful Internet Marketing

7 Simple Steps to Keep Angela's Backlinks Alive

8 Tips For Fixing High Bounce Rates

8 Tips to Using Yahoo Answers The Right Way

9 Ways to Speed Up Your PC!

10 Commandments for Spammers

10 Steps to Turning WordPress into a Static HTML Site

A Cool Way to Get More Mileage From Your PLR Articles

A Little Deeper into Niche Research

A Tiny Guide for Angela's Backlinks Subscribers

Top 6 Internet Marketing Questions ANSWERED

Are You Getting Reported as a Spammer for Sending Legitimate Emails

Backlink Building-Protecting Yourself from Belligerent Sites!

Better Alternative to 777 CHMOD

Beware of Posting Affiliate Links on Your Blog

Blog Commenting Tips for Angela's Backlink Subscribers

Clickbank Targets Vendors Again - with Higher PENALTIES This Time!

Dangers of Blog Commenting

Decoding SEO Meta Tags

Easy FTP Formula

Facebook Like Button Warning

Finally, Paypal Refunds Become MORE Expensive

Free Tools for Your Business

FTP Password Thieves-Are You the Next Victim

Getting REAL About Backlinks

Google Counts A Nofollow Link

Google Sandbox – How To Avoid The Dreaded Sandbox Trap

Google Sets Alternative

Google Treats Sub-domains Differently-Here is How

High Shipping Costs the Reason Behind Shopping Cart Abandonment

How to Deal with Spammers

Huge List of Cool WordPress Plugins

In Link Building, Sometimes It PAYS to be Different

Is Adblockplus Addon of Firefox Blocking Clickbank Affiliate Links Too

Is Google Analytics Illegal?

Is Mayday Update Another Blow from Google?

Is PLR Dead? - A "Post-Panda Update" Analysis!

Is This Firefox Addon Eating Into Your Adsense Income

Is Your Email Account Hacked

Is Your List Filled Up with Invalid Emails?

Is Your Wordpress Blog Secure from Hackers

List of Useful Addons for Firefox Users

Optimizing Your Wordpress Blog

Problem Downloading MYSQL Backup from Cpanel

Search Engine Optimization Demystified - 11 SEO Myths

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What is PHP Includes

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Ultimate Secret to Getting Tons of Backlinks at NO Cost

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6 EzineArticles Myths Dispelled

Duplicate Content Code Cracked!

Internet Marketing in India a NIGHTMARE

Recycle Graphics

Niche Domination on STEROIDS

3 MUST Steps to Niche Marketing

Hot Niches Lists - Are They Really HOT

3 Way Linking-To Do or Not To Do

Top 5 Link Directory Submission Mistakes

7 Freaky Article Title Tips

3 Freakier Article Title Writing Tips

6 Article Title Writing Do's and Don'ts!

7 Tips to Save Yourself From Article Writing Burnout

5 Fatal Article Marketing Mistakes

6 Steps to Writing a Winning Article Every Time

8 Crazy Ideas to Write Great Article Intros

5 Article Resource Box Tips

How to Write Awful Testimonials

How to Write Awful Testimonials-Part II

The Best Way to Market Your Website

Tale of a WISE Scammer

The Copyscape for Images

Use Adsense Whitelist or Get Banned

What If Skype Shuts Down

WordPress 404 ERROR When Trying to Access Cpanel

6 Steps to Successful Internet Marketing

Do PLR Rights Really Matter?

Short or Long Sales Pages - Which Is Better?

How to Put a STOP to Your Distractions

Getting Distracted? Put a STOP to It!

Do You Have Too Much to Do and TOO Little Time?

The word "busy" carries a very subjective connotation with it, especially in case of internet marketers. As a matter of fact, almost all of us internet marketers are

"busy", so to speak, but guess how many of us are "fruitfully" busy? Very few indeed, and those few people are the ones who reach the success ladder. I would tell you it is not easy to get rid of distractions so easily, especially if you are a lazy fellow like me, you would be getting bored of "working" pretty soon. The excitement would give way to boredom, which in turn would distract your

attention away from internet marketing and near the things you love to do or believe. So what are those things?

1. The Desire for the Magic Bullet: Do you buy everything that your favorite gurus promote to you? Then you have a secret desire of acquiring the "magic bullet of success" that is "ever so eluding me!" So you buy this or that guru's product, you get disappointed when you fail to find the "magic bullet" you secretly wish for, and you indulge in guru bashing. Like -

"This X Guru totally sucks. He is cr*p, his products are cr*p and everything that belongs to him is cr*p. Beware of buying anything from this scamster, or you are doomed."

Only kidding, but I guess you would be saying something similar ;-)

Even though many gurus would lure you to their products with the promise of

magic bullet, I doubt they themselves believe in it. They know what actually works (hard work) and what people actually want (money without any hard work). Time you learn to read the minds of gurus. How would you do that?

Follow what the guru actually does, not what he is says. If you see him coming up with a new product every now and then, you know what you have to do-focus more on selling than buying. I guarantee you would have a good sleep at the end of the day! ;)

it does not matter whose product it is or if I or someone else has created the product, nor does it matter if it is a "limited time offer" or "one time offer"; i also does not matter if it is a "too good to be true" offer or that the discount expires tomorrow.


Excuse the caps please ;)

Here is a surefire way to put an end to your buying craze: have a "To Buy:" list.

Whenever you seem to fall for a "oh so tempting offer", just put it in that list, and tell yourself you would buy it tomorrow or when you have this much of money in your Paypal account.

Look at that list next morning with a fresh mind, I bet you would be kicking your butt for even putting that product in your list!

Whenever you're out to buy the "next best product", ask yourself the following questions:

a) Do I really need the product right now? Can it fulfill my immediate goals?

b) How can the product help me? How much ROI (return on investment) can I

expect from it?

c) Does the seller stand behind the offer?

d) Can I really afford it? Could my money be better spent on something more


If your answer to (a) and (b) are NO, then run, don’t walk. But if you say YES

to them, then move on to C. If the seller relies on a bunch of testimonials from his guru buddies to convince you of the product's quality and does not himself stand behind him, then again perhaps you need to ask around (in forums) or contact the seller before you buy it. If you think the money could better be spent on something more useful or important, then spend on that isntead and skip buying the product which is apparently "less important" to you.

Example, I have $200 in my Paypal account. I need a new shopping cart script which costs as much; on the other hand, I would like to outsource around a dozen articles to my ghostwriters, because I hate writing. This outsourcing task would also cost me the same. So need to gauge my priorities.

Shopping cart software is not as important because I can use the free shopping cart buttons offered by Paypal. On the other hand, if I spend the money on content outsourcing, I can have the articles done up faster than if I were to write them myself (because, as I said, I hate writing). I could use these articles to generate some immediate traffic, which in turn would bring some immediate sales

(hopefully). I can then use a part of the sales proceeds in buying the desired shopping cart script. Makes sense? Which brings me to the use of the tool called

"reward" that I would discuss next!

I have heard that women are compulsive shoppers compared to men; I am not

sure if that is true in case online shopping as well, but hopefully the above advice would help both genders. ;)

At the end of the day, it is human to fall to temptations, but then again, we humans also have the power to control our temptations, even if by a small

percentage. Best of all, you don’t need to spend big bucks on a mindset booster software or a lot of "NLP" audios from some guru to achieve this end; you can do this by following my free advice above.

While the advice is free, a few sips of beer is definitely appreciated (coz I feel thirsty) ;)

2. The Self-Exploitation Symptom: If you have too much work to do and too

little time to invest in them, blame it on your poor planning. Everyone gets only 24

hours per day but some of us are better time mangers than others. In fact I would be the first one to come forward and acknowledge it: yep, indeed I cannot manage time like others, but lately this trick is working for me.

Let us say I have a lot of tasks to do. I pick about 5 important tasks out of them, especially the money-making tasks (the ones that would make me quick cash) and do each of them per day. I usually plan my tasks by date, rather than name of the day of the week. So I would rather use this format:

1st July:

Task 1

2nd July:

Task 2

Rather than:


Task 1


Task 2

Let us face it, days come and go, and we seldom are able to keep our eyes on them; we much prefer to keep an eye on dates, because once they go, they never come back. Planning your tasks by date adds a feeling of urgency to your tasks (that is, they must be accomplished ASAP or they would never get done).

Notice that I have more than 5 tasks to do, but I am planning my tasks in a way so that I don’t stress myself out too much at a time. And then of course, I keep the incomplete/non-money making tasks for Saturday (and sometimes Sundays too;

though I try hard to take Sundays off, sometimes that just doesn’t happen).

I don’t plan tasks for a whole month: it simply would mean spending too much time on planning. At most, I plan tasks only for 2 weeks ahead (short term tasks of course, but almost all of them have long term implications on my business). Once they are done, I plan the next fortnight's tasks (again this is something I do only on weekends)

Another thing that works for me is the "reward" system. In my task planner (I just use a Microsoft Word file, no sophisticated software or anything) I add a reward at the end of the completion of a week's tasks; sometimes the reward is in the form of foods, domain names (I am very addictive to domain buying) or

anything else! That reward has to be motivating and enticing enough to make you slog through the whole week ;)

3. The Entertainment and Addiction Mania: Entertainment is perhaps one of the biggest reasons of detraction for internet marketers - at least it is for me. Some are addicted to television; myself, it has been quite a while since I have watched television. Though I was addicted to it during my childhood and teen years, I gave it up when it started belching out all that sappy cr*p (hopefully you are more fortunate in that case). I am more addicted to YouTube. Then there are others who are addicted to twitter. Yet others simply cannot take their attention off of the warrior forum; again I would admit it is very addictive.

I usually keep the weekends for entertainment, but in weekdays too sometimes I get distracted and visit YouTube. That happens only when I am doing something I don’t want to do (for example, writing) or am involved in a project that is taking far too long to complete.

Right since I have started planning my tasks as I described above, my

distractions have however minimized. I know I am running against a deadline and even though I do no more than one or two tasks per day, those tasks are long enough to cover almost the entire day, so that I have very little time left for entertainment when I am done with them!

So I try my best to cram all my entertainment addictions in the weekends,

especially Sunday. I try to take at least one day off per week to get recharged and refreshed! Sometimes I even indulge in writing boring short stories ;)

4. The Email Demon: Email is a demon indeed: once open up the inbox and

start answering emails, it seems to be a task that is never going to end. That is why I reply only to the most important emails as soon as I wake up, then sign-out from my Gmail account, remove the Gmail notifier icon from my system tray (this

notifier is a major cause of my distraction, as I have realized lately). When I am done with my tasks, I log back into my Gmail account and answer/read the not-so-important emails. I check my email twice or at most trice per day, no more and no less. Earlier I used to answer all emails at once and at the end of it, I would get so tired that I did not have any energy or motivation left to finish my more important tasks; boredom and YouTube were what used to happen to me next!

I have not used it yet, but Gmail offers a cool plugin called "Email Addict"

which can be found at

addict/topics; it is designed to rid you of chat addiction by making you invisible in chat for 15 minutes so that you can do something else. You can enable it in Labs.

Again this is something I have not used yet, but it could just be what would help you get rid of chat addiction! I got to agree that chat is one of the hardest to get over addictions: once you start it, there is no end to it, just like offline gossiping. It can waste hours and hours of your precious time if it gets out of control. No wonder I (and a few of my friends) have permanently become invisible in Gmail chat. ;)


Part time breaks in between a long/grueling task, or after this task is over (such as link building):

I am not perfect, and neither are you, so there would be times when you stray, but once you are able to put yourself back on track quickly, promise yourself never to get strayed again until you are done with the day's tasks!

Do you get your project ideas while doing something else (immediately put it down in a text file) or pooping (passing bowels) or bathing (try not to forget until your are back to the desk) or going to sleep(keep a pen and a paper close to you)?

It happens to me sometimes.

Sometimes, if there is one thing keeps distracting you then get distracted ONCE

(i.e., be done with it) and come back to your original task.

One project should not take no more than 1-3 months to complete, and don’t

spend more than a fortnight on a single project esp. if you suffer from adhd (now that was a joke, of course).


Is your browser distracting you? Use Firefox leech addon:

2 Backlink Myths Busted!

When people start speculating, there is just no logical end to it. Be it stock markets or search engine optimization, speculations only manage to confuse

gullible people instead of helping them! Speaking of SEO, there are way too many myths prevailing on backlink building and SEO in general that I would better start writing an ebook on them!

Perhaps the funniest thing is that such myths are more often than not mere

figments of imagination of those who hardly know a thing about the topic! In this article I will bust two such myths.

1. Myth 1 - You need to keep adding content to your website to maintain its

search engine rankings: Utter falsehood! You can not only get good rankings for your website but even maintain those rankings WITHOUT adding content

regularly! I have so many websites that I have not touched for years, and their rankings only get better with time! Guess what is the secret?

Instead of adding content, I focus more on a building backlinks.

Now, I am not asking you to stop putting content on your website. Content,

quality content that is, is what attracts visitors to your website and makes them stick around and buy your stuff. When people see quality content on your website, they would instantly perceive you as an expert in that niche, which in turn would help build trust between you and your prospects.

Once your prospects start trusting you, they would not hesitate to buy whatever you have put together, provided of course that you are selling quality products!

My point is that, saying that one MUST keep adding content every day or week to their website in order to maintain its rankings is stupid! If anything, you should keep building backlinks for your website instead!

Lastly, here is a fact that I bet would jerk you from your seat - I have seen even the worst websites dominating the first page of Google by sheer virtue of

backlinks. I am speaking of sites that contain very little content except whatever is scrapped through RSS feeds from other sites, and of course Adsense ads! While I neither build nor recommend building such sites, I am telling this to you in order to illustrate the power of backlinks over content!

2. Myth 2 - You need a lot of backlinks to get any decent rankings on search engines: Yet another baseless myth on search engine optimization. If you thought there is no end to your backlink building exercise, you are dead wrong! There is always an end to a process, and backlink building, being a process, is no exception either!

How many backlinks you would need to build for your website would naturally

depend on your niche market's competition. The more competitive your niche is, the more backlinks you would need in order to push your website to the first page of Google!

I will give you some hypothetical figures here to illustrate my point:

If you are marketing in the mainstream "weight loss" niche, you may need to build, say 250 backlinks for your site in total. On the other hand, if you are marketing in a sub niche such as "weight loss for moms", then just 50-100

backlinks might suffice! Remember that these are just hypothetical figures, but I hope they would give you an idea of how many backlinks you need to build for a certain site.

All said and done, if anyone told you that you have to build 10,000 backlinks to get your website ranked on the first page of Google, they are wrong! In case of backlinks, what really matters is quality and not quantity.

Don't believe me? Try submitting a batch of articles to 1000s of low quality article directories, and then submit another batch of unique articles to only the top quality directories. The results would be before your eyes within less than 2-3


Similarly, getting 100 backlinks from sites averaging between 6-8 PR (PR here stands for Pagerank btw) is far better than garnering 1000 links from PR 1-2


2 Dofollow Clones of Yahoo Answers!

So what if Yahoo Answers™ is nofollow? I have found two websites which are

"DOFOLLOW" clones of Yahoo answers. :D

This article should be read only by those who have a basic knowledge of

"dofollow" and "nofollow" linking. If these terms sound foreign to you, you may want to read this free report on backlink building before proceeding further:


Building backlinks is one of the most important things you can do for your

website. For the uninitiated, backlinks are links from other websites that are pointing back to your site. They are also known as incoming links and inbound links. As an internet marketer, backlinks are vitally important to your success.

Backlinks help your website move up in importance on search engine pages.

With a large quantity of backlinks, your website will move up in the rankings for your selected keywords. The more backlinks you have to your site, the better.

However, not all backlinks are created equally! As you learn in this report, you need to have the right type of backlinks in order to move up in the rankings.

When websites first started linking to each other, backlinks were used by

webmasters to suggest other websites that he or she enjoyed and wanted to pass on to the visitors. This still happens quite a bit but these days backlinks are an important part of a webmaster's Internet marketing strategy.

Search engines like Google use the number of backlinks a website has in order to determine its relevance. If your site has 10 other sites pointing to it with a link and the keyword phrase "make money online," the search engines spiders will be able to determine that your site has to do with making money online.

If you have a hundred sites pointing to your site and using the keyword phrase

"make money online", that is even better! The sites that are linking back to your site have to meet certain standards in order to be counted as "votes" for your site and that keyword phrase. In this report, you will learn the most effective linking strategies in order to quickly and efficiently move your site up in the rankings.

Basic Backlinks Concepts

Before we get into the exact strategies for building backlinks to your website, you need to be familiar with a few important concepts. These terms will help you understand backlinks so you can put them to good use with your own Internet

marketing projects.

Although there are several different search engines, for the purpose of

simplicity we will be talking about how to increase your rankings in Google.

Google is by far the most popular search engine and if you can rank well there you can be sure that your sites are ranking well in other search engines like Yahoo and MSN.

Google also gives you the added benefit of the page ranking system. Google has a way of evaluating each website and giving it a page rank of anywhere from 1 to 10. The higher the page rank, the more important a website is in the eyes of Google.

This is important when you are building backlinks. When a high page rank

website links to your site, Google will begin to see your site as more important as well. In the Internet marketing world, this is known as passing along "link juice."

You will get more link juice from having a PR 5 website link to you than having a PR 1 website link to you.

Links come in different varieties - one way links and reciprocal links. One-way links are links from another website to you with no link going the other way.

Reciprocal links occur when both you and the other website are linked to one another, kind of like in a "scratch my back I'll scratch your" type situation.

Google will also look for the relevancy of the websites that are linking to your site. This is called "link relevancy" and it is an important thing to remember when you are looking for backlinks. For example, if you have parenting, home repair and relationship advice blogs pointing to your make money online blog, these links won't be seen as valuable as other make money online blogs pointing to you.

However, the most important thing to do is get backlinks. If it comes down

between having irrelevant links and no links at all, always go with the irrelevant links.

Another important concept is no follow. It used to be that all links coming back to your website were treated equally. These days however some websites, blogs and forums use no follow HTML tags to avoid giving popularity to links.

Basically, nofollow tags tell search engine spiders that the link that will appear next is not relevant or important. Many sites, blogs and forums participate in what is being called the "do follow" movement. You'll see how these sites come into play a little later in this report.

Another important concept is anchor text. If you're familiar with HTML, you

know that anchor text is the text it is used in place of a URL. This text will appear in blue and have an underline. When a visitor clicks on that word or phrase their web browser will take them to that website.

The HTML code for building anchor text looks like this:

<a href=>Your Anchor text</a>

For forums, you can usually use the following code:

[URL=]Your Anchor text[/URL]

When you choose anchor text for linking to your website you should do some

keyword research to find out which turns you should be targeting. By using these keywords as your anchor text, you'll increase in the rankings for those keywords.

There are many methods to get free backlinks to your website, which you'll see in this report, but I should also mention paid links. You can pay to get backlinks that will help boost the importance of your website. For some people, buying links from a service like Text Link Ads is an efficient way to reach the top of the results page for competitive keywords.

Building Backlinks Step by Step - for FREE!

Now that you know the basics in the world of building backlinks, it's time to start building traffic and link juice. As previously mentioned, there are many ways to build quality backlinks to your site. These methods cost nothing but time, or maybe some outsourcing costs if you choose to go that route.

Keep in mind that backlink-building is a slow and steady process. If you build too many backlinks too quickly, you may be seen as a spammer in the eyes of

Google. This is especially true if you have a brand new site. A large explosion in backlinks spells "black hat seo" to the Google spiders. It's best to develop a strategy from these methods and build your backlinks up over time.

We'll go in depth on each of these methods in this report so you can put this advice to work for you immediately.

Article Marketing

This is by far one of the most effective ways of increasing your backlinks and improving your site's ranking. In a nutshell, article marketing is accomplished by writing a series of short articles and then distributing them to article directories.

Each one of these articles has a relevant back link with anchor text that you choose.

To use article marketing to your advantage you simply come up with a list of keywords that you would like to target. Write, or have written, articles that use each of these keywords in the title and several times throughout the body of the article.

After the articles have been written, submit them to several different article directories. You should choose 20 to 30 quality directories that have a good page rank. Remember that these article directories will be sending link juice your way, so you shouldn't just post to any directory you find.

Ezine articles (, Go articles

( and SearchWarp ( should be at the top of your list for directory submissions. Automated article submitting programs like Article Post Robot ( make this process very simple.

The second benefit to submitting to article directories is that your article can get picked up and distributed on other blogs and websites with your backlink intact.

For this reason, it's absolutely necessary that you create quality articles that are genuinely helpful to your niche. If you're not sure what to write about, try reading several articles in your niche to get topic ideas.

When you first start out, you should write and submit at least 10 articles using relevant keywords to your website. In the bio box of each article, be sure to use a link back to your site with the relevant anchor text. Submit pan and manage least an article per week in order to continue building backlinks. This is an ongoing strategy that will build lots of backlinks over time.

Commenting on Do Follow Blogs

Do follow blogs are blogs that have opted to remove then no follow instructions from the comments section. This means that any comments that you make on

these blogs will send link juice back to your website.

Commenting on do follow blogs is a quick strategy that you can use to build

more backlinks for your site. Just as with the other techniques in this report karma you should give preference to relevant, do follow blogs.

Do follow blogs are relatively easy to find. When a blog is a dofollow blog, the webmaster normally advertises this fact proudly. The do follow movement is

growing and it is becoming possible to find do follow blogs in every niche you can imagine.

One of the simplest way is to find do follow blogs is to search for the popular

"U comment, I follow" image in Google images. This is an image that do follow bloggers use to set themselves apart from their no follow peers.

You can also visit the directory Do Follow Blogs

( for a succinct list of do follow blogs. You can also find a frequently updated directory at

Develop a schedule for commenting on do you follow blogs within your niche.

Don't let this become a time wasting activity. Visit five to 10 relevant blogs in your niche each week and make comments.

The one important thing to remember is that when you post on these blogs you should make your comments relevant and appealing. Don't spam them with

comments. Do follow bloggers generally don't approve comments that seem like spam. Read the post and take a bit of time to come up with something relevant.

Posting on Do Follow Forums

Some forums have no follow tags that prevent you from getting backlinks from posting on their site. However, there is a growing list of sites that uses the do follow tags. Just like do follow blogs, you can get a great deal of link juice from popular forums.

Forums are terrific for backlinks because they normally have very high page

ranks. They also have a good deal of activity so it's easy to stay involved and post frequently. The more posts that you have, the more backlinks you create around the


There is a frequently updated list of do follow forums here: Although this list is

comprehensive, you shouldn't try to join more than a handful of forums for the sake of your sanity!

Participating in a forum can be a real distraction if you let it be. Don't get sucked into spending all day at a forum and pretending that you are working. Go a few times and week and participate in conversations that appeal to you and your niche.

Remember that slightly relevant backlinks are better than no links at all. If you don't find something that relates to your niche in this list, just try an Internet marketing forum or other general forum to build backlinks.

By visiting a do follow forum frequently, but not so much that it interrupts your productivity, you can build a stable of backlinks that will grow your site's ranking.

Social Bookmarking for Backlinks

Social bookmarking is a portion of Web 2.0 that will help you build quality

backlinks quickly. Bookmarking websites allow you and other users to bookmark websites as their favorites and share them with others.

Suddenly instead of having a favorites list locked away in a web browser,

everyone's favorites are out in the open. People can share their favorites, and if your website is one of those favorites, it can quickly be passed along to others who are interested in your niche topic.

Using social bookmarking, you can gain backlinks to important pages in your

website or on your blog. Simply join a few popular social bookmarking sites like:

Each time you have a new post or add a section to your website, you should

submit a link to these directories. Many Internet marketers have even banded together to exchange social bookmarks, therefore increasing the number of

backlinks that each person gets.

If you belong to a social networking site like or,

you may be able to ask for "a Stumble" or a post in order to increase your backlinks. If you have a number or marketers on your friends list who understand the concept, they can help you increase your page rank.

The only problem with some social bookmarking sites is that they have no

follow tags in their links. You can waste a lot of time by submitting to sites that aren't going to give you the benefit that you think they are. You can help automate the process by using a social bookmarking utility like . helps you easily submit to a variety of social bookmarking

sites all at once. Not only does it help you save time but you'll also be ensured that the sites you submit to will provide you with do follow links.

Submitting to SEO Friendly Directories

Although web link directories have faded in popularity over the last few years, they are still a terrific source of "link juice." SEO friendly directories will list your website among others that are relevant to your topic.

Unlike the other methods, listing your site in directories is a onetime process.

You may want to start with this first and then start building up the other activities as you develop your other backlink building strategies.

Although you only submit your link to a directory once, you can submit to as many relevant directories as you can find. You can start your search here:

It's important t look at the directories you are submitting to carefully. You should avoid directories that use redirects or dynamic URLs. These sites basically leave you without any benefit at all. Ideally, you'll want one-way links from quality directories to your website.

I hope that this report has helped to open your eyes to the power of backlinks and how easy it is to move up the search engine rankings your sites. Remember that building backlinks is a process that you should take time to develop.

Building lots of low quality backlinks all at once will harm your ranking and your business. Use all of these strategies to create backlinks and in no time, you'll have the page rankings that you've been looking for.


As we all know, Yahoo! Answers is nofollow! If you setup a profile at Yahoo

answers and put your website links there, you would find that they are all

"nofollowed" (if you don’t already use this nofollow plugin for Firefox, you are in dead waters:

In case you want to test the nofollow tag, just setup an account with Yahoo

Answers (skip this if you already have a Yahoo account):

Once done, click on the "My Profile=>Edit My Info" link at the top-right corner. In the "About Me" box, put a link in this format:, (I haven't used the site for a long time so I don’t remember if they allow HTML tags or not), and click the "Preview" button.

If you are using the Search status plugin I recommended above, and have turned on the "highlight nofollow links" option in it, you would notice that your links are highlighted in red, meaning that they are nofollow (i.e., NOT followed by search engines).

Of course, if you wish, you can still leave your link there. In an earlier article I wrote about why you should building a couple of "nofollow" links for your website along with "dofollow" links, so as to give an impression of "natural link building"

to Google. Besides, if your answers are good enough, people would click to view your profile anyway, and hopefully would click-through to your website! :D

Okay, let's now talk about the Yahoo answers dofollow clones!

Here are the two clones:

a) UPDATE: One of my blog readers says that Answerbag no

longer offers SEO-friendly backlinks as it used to. You can however, put your link(s) into your profile using HTML, like:

"<a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="">[your keyword phrase]</a> Your anchor text will show up properly and be clickable, on the profile page, BUT when you look at the source code, the text appears ONLY in the Description META tag. In any case, since the link doesn't appear in the HTML coding, it can't be seen as a link by search engines, so it is essentially NO-FOLLOW."

I am keeping the rest of the article intact for reference purposes! :)


First, you will want to join the website. Keep in mind that you MUST confirm your email address or you won’t be allowed to post answers (at least, that was how it was setup when I joined it). The site, as it seems to me, has a buggy system; even after confirming my email address thrice, it still kept telling me that my account was "unconfirmed. It took me 3 more retries to get it right. I hope you have better luck.

Once you have confirmed your email, you can login to your account. From the

top right corner, click "view my profile and activity".

On the next page, click the "My Settings" tab.

There are two places you can leave your links at: the "My Website" box (only hard links, such as, are allowed here) and the "About Me" box a little lower down (HTML is allowed here, so you can have your links formatted as

" <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="">your keyword here</a> ". The link you put in the first box is nofollow, while the second one (i.e., the "About Me" box) is dofollow.

While there is no such hard and fast rule, I know for a fact that usually, message boards and forums hate advertising and marketing of any kind (I just had my

profile signature deleted at a niche forum because someone over there reported it as "profile spam", even though I linked to the "About" page of my website that had ZERO advertising; so you can well imagine how strict these forums and message boards are). So I put my domain in the "My Website" box and a link to my

"About" page in the "About Me" box!

Once done, click the "Submit" button. You would be able to view your public profile by clicking on the "See My Public Profile" link at the top.

To increase your profile's visibility in search engines, you would want to either ask or answer at least one question on the site.

b) Yet another dofollow clone of Yahoo Answers, this one is much

better than as far as navigation and layout is concerned. I just wish I had a website like that. Hope you kwow of a good script to run such sites ;) Anyways, first off, you would want to signup by going to: FYI, that is also your login page! ;)

Once done, log in, and click on "Settings" tab. Before doing anything else, set your password here. This would not only prove convenient for you when you login next time, but also keep your account safe from hackers.

Once done, click on the "Profile" tab.

On the next page, in the "Edit Profile Blurb" box, you would want to enter your website links. HTML tags are allowed. Once done, you can view your public

profile (this is what others, including search engines, will see) by clicking on the

"Public Profile" link at the top.

Once you are happy with your profile, click the "" logo at the top left corner to return to the website's homepage. To increase your profile's visibility in search engines, you would want to either ask or answer at least one question on the site.

In my next issue I would offer you a few tips on how to write good answers.

But here is one short little tip. If you are answering a question pertaining to a topic you have little knowledge about, pick up a question which has already received a few answers/comments. This way, you can get a fair idea of how to answer the question. Being a copycat is bad enough, but being a fool, esp. when you are struggling to become an expert in your niche, is even worse!

2nd BOMB from FTC-New Rules for Affiliate Review Sites!

Yep, I am back with a bad news (but please don’t shoot the messenger, okay? ;)

) – FTC has just updated their "rules"! Previously, adding disclosure in the footer of your review site was enough (or, I thought so).

But now, the disclosure should not only be located ABOVE THE FOLD (so

that the reader does not have to scroll down to read it), but should also be in COLORED text. In addition, you simply cannot just say: "Hey, Click here to read my disclosure". Your disclosure must be able to convey the whole message completely to the reader, without having to click on any link!

To learn what the buzz is all about, please check the warrior forum thread

located here:


I am going to include most of the email as I find this surprising. No affiliates are in compliance with review sites & affiliate sites FTC says.

What do you think about this?

"Earlier this week I told you that we are making some changes to our affiliate policies. The first and biggest change is required by the FTC. They informed us that our review affiliates (that is any affiliate doing a review of our course on their site) were not in compliance. Literally, not a single one. That sure took us by surprise!

What that means is that if you have a review on your site, and you think that you have a proper FTC disclosure, you actually don’t and we need to get you in

compliance right away.

We can help clear up the confusion, but if you have a review of any course on your site, you will have to change your disclosure right away (by December 17).

We have put together a short document that spells out the new requirements very clearly. You can find them here: Legacy Learning Systems Disclosure

Requirements. Affiliate Disclosure Requirements and Examples

You will notice that some of the rules are totally new, including that your

disclosure will now have to be in colored text, appear above the fold, and not rely on a clickable link. Other requirements also apply that you’ve probably never heard before. Again, if you have a review on your site of any of our courses, you MUST read this and get your site into compliance.

Take a look at the information here: Legacy Learning Systems Disclosure


Where did these requirements come from?

They are based primarily on the following:

December 2009 FTC Disclosure Guidelines

FTC disclosure guide from May 2000, which the FTC has told us is still very much in effect.

Our direct conversations with the FTC.

We recognize that most popular interpretation of the 2009 FTC Disclosure

Guidelines is that having a short disclosure or link to a disclosure at the bottom of the review page is adequate. The FTC has told us that it is not. It is quite possible that the FTC will be cracking down on this industry wide, so I also suggest making these same changes to all of your review sites, not just the ones that promote our products".


What have I done?

Well, so far I have only updated my review sites, although I cannot rule out FTC's axing even the so called "information" sites containing affiliate links - in the near future. An example of such a site would be this one. I am hoping that the FTC

guys would be too bored to detect the affiliate links! ;)

Since I have only a handful of affiliate review sites, updating them was not hard at all. However, in order to keep up with the ever changing rules of the fickle-minded FTC, I devised a plan: using PHP includes instead of plain HTML code (in a future chapter I will be discussing PHP includes). That way, if FTC changes their rules again in future, all I have to do is to change just ONE file (instead of manually updating dozens of different affiliate review sites).

So let me give you an example of how to do it on your WordPress blogs.

First, write your disclosure in HTML. Make sure that it is succinct and yet

conveys the message very clearly to the reader; you don’t want them to scroll down to read the whole thing (that would violate FTC's new "rules").

From what I read, you can write a very short disclosure and then provide a link to your longer disclosure page, but even the SHORT disclosure should convey the message clearly to the reader. :D It is a lot like writing an Adwords™ ad. ;) (kidding)

Let us say that your disclosure is like this:

Disclosure: Blah Blah Blah. Click here for more details. (Replace the italicized part with your own disclosure; note that your disclosure does not necessarily need to be italicized, at least I did not read any such thing in the "rulebook").

Open Notepad or Xpad. Put your disclosure HTML code in a blank text file,

under the 'Save as Type' option, select "ALL Types"; then add a .html or .htm extension to the file name when saving it!

Bingo! You have done it! Now just upload the file to your webserver. ;)

Next, download and install the PHP Code Widget.

Now click on "Appearance=>Widgets". Drag a "PHP Code" widget to the widget area - preferably to the very top of all the other active widgets! Then click on the widget to open it. In the second box (the larger one), put the following PHP


<?php include(""); ?>

Where is the URL of the file you just

uploaded to your server! DO NOT check the "Automatically add paragraphs."

option! Save and close the widget, then check your blog to see how it looks like.

Again, make sure that you do not have to scroll down to read the disclosure: it must be ABOVE-THE-FOLD!

Non-Wordpress users can simply include the given PHP include code at any

part of their site, provided that the whole text appears above-the-fold!

If you are not comfortable with PHP, you can try using a "Text" widget instead and include Iframe or JS Code. Here are two nice free tools that would convert any HTML code into Javascript:


BTW, I have kept the "footer disclosure" intact. With FTC…you just never know…when they combine their "old" and "new" rules to make a third

"amendment". ;)

Perhaps the most unfortunate thing is that despite being a non-US citizen, I still have to comply with FTC rules, mainly because a majority of my customers are from America, and also because my domains and servers are US-based. :(

My last advice is to branch out: involve yourself in different business models.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I hope you can figure out what I mean, LOL.


BEWARE of Posting Affiliate Links on Your Blog!

Unless you want the FTC to come knocking on your door, that is! ;)

This may sound rather funny but it is true: FTC is planning to crack down on bloggers, licit and illicit, who use affiliate links in their posts, UNLESS the affiliate either discloses the fact that he is receiving compensation through that affiliate link OR proves it through "scientific means" that the product has indeed helped him (in case of a make money product, a Paypal screenshot might do ;) ).

Here are some links where you can get more information:

FTC plans to monitor blogs for claims, payments (notice the irony: just below this article you would see Google ads promoting money making schemes, with no disclosure or proof whatsoever!)


Here is the common man's perspective:

FTC Going After Bloggers = Epic Fail

But probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard is, the US government is trying to protect us, "internet users"… from cookies???

Cookies Be BANNED!


Notwithstanding the fact that most modern day browsers are sophisticated

enough to protect the average internet surfer from cookies, good or bad!

When will government realize that people are NOT stupid? :D