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It's a fact. Internet Marketers use "dirty tricks". Although many of them won't admit to the fact. Still, it's the TRUTH ! Some of them may not even realize they're using them. And some of them DO know. The latter half are the folks that are raking in the cash daily.

What IS a "dirty trick"?

Well, that's easy. It is a sly method used by people everyday to get a desired reaction out of another person. Or at least that's my take on them. When you think of these words, you may think "rip-off",

"unethical", or "illegal".

Let's get one thing straight right off the bat: The tactics discussed in this report are NOT illegal.

They are NOT unethical.

They are NOT a rip-off.

But they ARE a bit on the "crafty" side. Crafty or not, the point is THEY

WORK. And if you're NOT USING THEM, then you're LOSING


So, why did I call this collection of tactics "Dirty”? Because they are psychologically "sneaky". They scream out. . .


And boy do they ever get that type of reaction. You grabbed this eBook, right? It caught YOUR attention, didn't it? Whether you consider yourself the most honest person in the world, you still wanted to know what these so called "dirty tricks" were, didn't you?

Maybe to arm yourself against them. Or maybe to even use them yourself. The fact of the matter is, you are here, reading these words right now regardless of the reason. So the title I used WORKED TO GET


And really, it's simply a matter of human nature. People always want to know the dirty secrets that others seem to be hiding. Why do you think 3

Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach


all those "rag mags" sell so well? Sure, you probably know that most, if not all of the stories published are a bunch of lies.

But you still want to read it. Even if it's just to prove to yourself you were RIGHT and it's nothing but a pack of filthy LIES. Dirty trick I know. That's the point!

And that's just what you're going to learn inside this report. How to do the exact same thing to bring you in more money.

Diving right in, we're going to discuss my #1 favorite dirty trick. . .


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach


This has to be one of the BEST ways to generate sales. Controversy creates two types of interest. Negative and positive. And both forms of interest work together to make you profits. How exactly?

Well, let's do a quick example:

“Person P” and “Person N”

Person P loves what you have written and can directly relate to what you have said.

Person N on the other hand thinks you're an obnoxious creep full of insane beliefs.

Both “Person P” and “Person N” comment on your writing. They read each others comments and they are inflamed by those comments. So, they begin a back and forth battle of words based entirely on what you had to say!

Now comes “Person S”, “Person V”, and “Person C”. They add their two cents worth and take sides of who's right and who's wrong. Then come more comments. And more, and more.

If you're selling something that expands on your initial post, you'll get both those that hate what you had to say, and those that love it, buying your product.

The negative folks will want further proof that you're a total moron while the positive folks will want to learn more about what you are teaching or saying.

Every single day, millions of folks hop onto the internet and have something to say. Most likely they'll do this through writing, whether it's through an article, an email, or a blog.

The "trick" is to make what you discuss controversial through your writings.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach

Don't be BORING. That won't do a thing for you. The essence of creating controversy is by using passion.

If you've had a bad experience with another person, tell people about it.

If you really love a particular product, or person, tell people about it.

But be sure that your writings can convey the passion that you feel, whether it's negative or positive.

If you are effectively creating controversy through your writings, most people that read it will either love what you have to say or hate it.

Either way, they'll TALK ABOUT IT.

And if you give them a chance to communicate how they feel about it, this will lead to more profits in your pockets! But, in order to use controversy you have to be willing to take a stand on a certain topic. No

"wishy-washy" comments will do.

If you make people angry, GOOD! , but don't back down on your opinions. That defeats the purpose of using this tactic completely. If some people don't like what you're saying, who cares?? At least you had the guts to stand up for what you believe and say it.

And that's the point that will come across to those that love your writings.

I KNOW FOR A FACT that this works. Jason Cain is a living example of this dirty trick. He uses controversy in his writings and makes immense profits from the dust he stirs up. Some folks hate him. Some folks love him. The love-hate factor doesn't really matter though.

What DOES matter is that people are reading what he has to say. And they are LISTENING. And, they are BUYING.

Another terrific example is a fellow by the name of Stuart Halpryn. He creates controversy through the amount of money he charges for products he sells.

He lets his readers know that he is directly responsible for angering other marketers by charging extremely low prices for their products to 6

Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach


his customers.

And it works! He's earning good money from using controversy.

The whole idea of this tactic is to speak your mind, send off a spark, and watch it build into a roaring flame.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach


I'm sure you've heard the term "shock value" before. Well that's what this tactic is all about. Shocking your readers or customers.

Some folks will use strong language to shock their readers. Some will use incredible stories. And still others will tell them how they have made huge mistakes.

How many times have you heard or seen these:










Or something similar. They get your attention don't they? Sure they do!

And that's why they get used. They suck you in and make you want to keep reading.

Let's be honest here. If you can't do a simple thing like generate more interest in what you're selling, then you won't make any money.

Simple as that.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach


People, despite what they might say, want to be successful at one thing or another in life. And they want to be the best at it. If they feel they can better their own lives through your tragedy all the better. That's one less person they have to compete with! Plus, they won't feel stupid by making that same mistake. Even better.

Use this tactic sparingly though. Too much can turn off your prospects and have them hunting for their answers somewhere else.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach



Yes, it's possible to scare your potential customers into taking action.

This is particularly useful if your topic relates to health, money, or love.

I mean really, who wants to be sick, poor, and alone? Hmm. . .I don't see any hands raised. EXACTLY!

Fear can be your greatest salesman. Truly. Think about it. When the 9/11 tragedy rocked the nation, how many jerks do you think made money from it? A LOT. It's sad, but true.

They scared the heck out of people and sold them gas masks in case of a toxic gas epidemic. And what about all the other snakes out there that made money by selling t-shirts, bumper stickers, and other useless garbage? Yeah, maybe they gave a portion of their profits to the families affected, but I can almost bet it was a very tiny fraction of their overall take.

Am I saying take such a devastating event and work it to your advantage? ABSOLUTELY NOT! That IS completely unethical. What I'm saying is that you CAN use the fear factor to make people take action.

Say, for instance, you're trying to make some money by selling an ebook about how to protect your computer from malicious viruses.

Wouldn't you want it more if you knew what kind of catastrophe could occur to your computer if you ignored such useful information? What if you ran your business from your computer and it went kaput on you?

Wouldn't you want to save yourself thousands of dollars just by spending twenty?

That's the idea behind this dirty trick. Use your customers fears, ethically of course, and you can generate more profits.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach


Hmmm. . .Bet you're wondering what this one is, huh? Well, CCL in this particular instance stands for Could Care Less. And this tactic is one heck of a doozie!

Take The Rich Jerk for example:

This is a classic case of CCL. On his sales page he tells you that he's better than you are. He's rich and you aren't.

Basically, he's a winner and you are a loser. But, for a small fee, he's willing to share his techniques with you so you can become a winner too.

Aww, how nice of him!

Don't you just feel better already?

He doesn't stop there though, because after you buy his "better than thou" strategy guide, and you have questions, HE WON'T ANSWER

YOU. Or worse, he'll be a jerk.


He gave you "fair warning" in advance though didn't he? He told you he was a jerk! Ahh. It's role playing at it's finest. The world truly is but a stage.

The point here is that he's made millions by not caring. He doesn't care whether you buy his product or not because he knows that someone else will step in to take your place.

It works. He still made the money, and he also created a HUGE buzz about his CCL tactic too. Heck, he's even got his own "infomercial" now!

You can do the same thing. You don't have to be that extreme if you don't want to. Why not try easing into this little trick by letting your customers know that if they decide not to buy your product, then it will be their loss and not yours.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach


Hey, you've already got unlimited access to it, so it's no skin off your nose.

This "jerky" tactic works so well in fact that there are dozens of "spin-off" products springing up every single day. You don't have to be a total jerk, but acting like you don't care whether someone buys your product or not can pay off for you.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach



Ever been to a place that sells products without an actual price tag on them? I don't mean a mistake, but something that purposely doesn't have a price listed somewhere. It always reminds me of

“If You Have To Ask How Much It Costs,

Then You Can't Afford It Anyway".

Not so of all products.

The reality is that if your product generates enough positive interest, then your customers will click the order link just to see how much it costs. And if it's something that offers just the solution they're looking for, they'll pay for it.

This tactic can have either a positive or negative effect, depending on how much your product is going for. If it's something that is less than your customer thinks it's worth, they'll fork over the dough. If not, well, they'll have to think it over first. Maybe they'll buy. Maybe they won't.

But at least they're giving it thought.

Not to worry though. Sometimes it takes more than seven times for a person to actually purchase a product they really want.

“Leaving the price of your product a mystery can generate enough curiosity to lead to an otherwise fruitless sale”

I recommend use of this dirty trick only if your particular product has a high selling success rate.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach


Word of mouth is a very powerful thing. Thus we come to this dirty little trick. Using a positive reinforcer like a testimonial can make the difference between getting a sale or just getting a "tire-kicker".

After reading what a few other happy customers have to say, others will be more inclined to think more positively about your product.

But, how do you get such testimonials?

You ASK for them!

A good way to get testimonials is to do a "pre release" of your product and offer a free copy of it for those that will give you a good testimonial in return. That's how many salesman do it. This can, however have a negative effect, especially in certain internet marketing circles.

On the same token, though, how many of your customers do you think are actual internet marketers who know about this sly tactic?

Well, it depends of course on what you're selling, but if you're selling a recipe ebook, then the fact that you got your testimonials by offering a free copy of your ebook won't matter to your potential customers.

All they care about is getting a product that has good recipes in it. They don't care if Mr. Johnny Big-Shot Marketer knows how you got those words of praise.

In addition, you can always ask your customers how they liked the product to get "genuine" testimonials.

I say "genuine" because some people believe that testimonials received from a "freebie" are skewed somehow to shed positive light on your product. If you have a great product then it doesn't matter who reviews your product, the results should be the same . . . POSITIVE!


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach


This is an interesting trick. Some internet marketers may not actually consider this a "trick". First, let me tell you what WIIFM stands for. It stands for “What's In It For Me”. And it is simply one thing your current sales page CANNOT afford to be without.

Anybody who buys anything always wants to know how this purchased product will benefit THEM. They don't care about what it will do necessarily. Rather what it will do for THEM is the key point.

People are selfish by nature. Especially online. They don't care about you, or what you're trying to accomplish. They only care about themselves. It's harsh but true.

I can guarantee you this. . .No matter what internet marketing training course you take, article you read, or ebook you buy, they will all tell you the same thing when it comes to making a great sales letter, and that is telling your customers:

What's In It For Them

Don't make your sales page about YOU. NO ONE CARES! Most of your visitors will skip that part anyway. They don't want to hear about YOU.

Even if it's the most interesting story in the world. They didn't come to your sales page to read about how interesting your life has been.

They came there to SPEND THEIR CASH. Don't distract them by writing your life story. Save that for your personal page. Get to why they should buy your product because of what it will do for them.

One thing you will commonly hear from seasoned internet marketers is this: List Benefits, Not Features.

Look at it like this, who cares if your "widget" comes in 3 sizes and 5

fabulous colors? What you REALLY need to be telling them is how they can order a customized version of your product to fit their lifestyle. See the difference?


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach


You've told them the same thing, but in a way that will directly benefit THEM. Selling isn't about YOU, it's about THEM. You aren't trying to sell something to yourself!

This dirty trick can, and should be, used on anything and everything you sell!


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach


The countdown tactic creates a sense of urgency for your customers. It makes them believe that they will be missing out on a great deal if they don't take immediate action.

This trick is used mostly for "special" sales, but can also be used on a normal sales page or article. If not used properly, however, it can reduce your credibility with your customers, or visitors.

That means. . . . .



If you're running a special 5 day only sale, by all means make it clear to your customers so they don't miss out. Use the time constraint to your profiting advantage.

Different methods are used to get this across to your customers. You can use the "highlighter" trick. It's exactly like using a highlighter marker to highlight an important bit of text in your favorite book. You're just using it "virtually" instead.

It's simple to do. Just use the following HTML code to highlight your text:

<span style="background-color:#FFFFCC;">Offer Ends In The Next 72


This will create a yellow "highlighter" style background color on the text that is in between the two <span> tags.

The two most popular colors for the text itself is either Red(#cc0000) or Black(#000000). And the text should be bold and a bit larger than the rest, just to be sure that it really stands out.

Another way is to use an actual "countdown" JavaScript. This will show your customer exactly how much time they have left to get in on your special offer.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach


Any way you slice it, using the countdown tactic WORKS to provoke a quick call to action by your customers.

When people believe they will truly "miss the boat" on a great offer, they'll pony up the dough. And FAST too! That's what makes this dirty trick a serious profit puller.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach



Who doesn't like reading product reviews BEFORE they spend their hard earned cash? The secret to the success of this dirty trick is to get your visitors, or customers, interested in the product that you're reviewing so they will, at the very least, go to that product's sales page to read more. And hopefully buy it. That's your goal: To get them interested enough to go to

the sales page and BUY

One thing you can NEVER do when writing a product review is LIE. If you don't like a particular product, say so. If you love it, say so. But never try and be dishonest just to make a quick buck. It's not worth it.

Once you ruin your reputation, you can never get it back.

You should always inform your readers, visitors, or customers of where you think they should be spending their money. Using reviews is a great way to do this. They'll appreciate you for your honesty, and maybe you will save them from unneeded hassle or wasted cash.

Only use this dirty trick if you have something HONEST to say about a particular product. As long as the product remains solid, always stand behind what you say and don't go back on it.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach



LAST, but certainly not LEAST, we have the “get personal” tactic. Some marketers frown upon this, but personally I don't.

You should try to add a “little of yourself” in all your writings. It helps your readers, visitors, and customers understand that you are a REAL

human being and not just some automated email system spitting out a bunch of pre-formatted text.

Talk to your readers, visitors, customers. Let them know you are there for them. And above all, don't be afraid to BE YOURSELF. There's no reason to be anything else.

You won't be able to befriend every single person, so don't try to!

Some people will love you and some people will hate you. That's just the way it is.

Now don't get the wrong idea about this little tactic and start revealing your entire life story. Nobody wants to hear that. But, if you have an interesting short tale that may have happened to you that actually ties in to what you are talking about, then fit it in there.

Don't make the whole story about YOU. It's unnecessary and non-beneficial. Save that for your autobiography. As awesome as you may think you are, not everybody wants to hear about it.

Don't take it personally!

Use this dirty trick to add personality to your writings, but use it wisely.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach

Wait. . .There's More!

If you have ever been surfing through the television channels after midnight any day of the week, you've seen this sneaky little bugger hard at work inside all of those infomercials.

These guys, or gals, really want you to buy a copy of their product. So they'll sweeten the offer to drive home the fact straight to your credit card or bank account. After all, they are in the business to MAKE

MONEY, right?

And, if they've already piqued your curiosity, then they know that you're interested in what they're attempting to sell you. They then try and make the deal better on your end.

That's when they really kick their selling into high gear by offering you some out-of-this-world bonuses worth an insane amount of money -

absolutely FREE! Cue flashing text. . . .

Now I know you're probably thinking:

"Shucks, I'd never fall for that kind of garbage!"

Hmm, how many products HAVE you bought from television adds? If you say none, then congratulations! You are immune to this dirty trick.

Way to go! And if you aren't immune, don't worry about it. I would bet that almost 98% of people aren't either.

The really cool thing about this dirty little monster is that it MAKES you want to buy their original product, even if you don't want or need it, just to get your hands on all those choice freebie gifts they'll give you.

And all for the cost of the original product price.

What a deal!

Yep. That's what they want you to think. Sure, you may not like or need the product they're trying to sell you, but all those things you're getting for free pretty much makes it worth spending 30 bucks.

Plus, even if you only wanted the bonus items, they still sucked you in 21

Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach


to buying the original product to get your hands on them.

Internet Marketers use this one religiously too. Don't let 'em sneak it past you. Remember the last time you signed up for that free report or ebook? Then after you filled out the form you were magically whisked away to a page that let you know you would be receiving an email to confirm you wanted to be included on their list? 'Cause that's the only way you could get the freebie?

What else was on the page?

Did you notice that there was probably either an ad for another product, which is called an "upsell" , or a special offer that you would only see that one time, which is called a "one time offer" ?

Or how about when another internet marketer releases a new product and one of their affiliates will offer you a special “bonus” if you buy from them? They will pack those bonuses with products that you may want even more than the main product that is being sold.

Aha! The light just went on didn't it?!

If you don't have something like this set up on your freebie giveaway offers, you need to start. Otherwise, you're missing out on profits. I highly recommend using this dirty trick to ANYONE trying to sell ANYTHING. EVER.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach


An Offer You CAN'T Refuse

Yeah, this is an old "gangster" style trick, although you might not think so once I reveal the one word that describes it. What's the word?

Guarantee. But, why did I say it was an old "gangster" style trick?

Well, let's take a look.

I'd wager you've seen at least ONE gangster type movie once in your life (I'm a gangster movie fanatic, so just stick with me here, it will make perfect sense once I'm finished explaining). These tough guys are running things for a reason. They don't take NO for an answer. It's their way or you're “swimmin' with the fishes" my friend.

Now, obviously offering a guarantee isn't the same as whacking someone, but it will most definitely make your offer much harder to refuse. Your customer will feel more secure in the fact that you are shouldering most, if not all, of the risk by letting them get their money back if they are unsatisfied with your product.

This little dirty trick not only helps you convert more sales, but it also builds credibility in the eyes of your potential customers because you believe in what you are trying to sell them by taking a loss if they don't.

I highly recommend this dirty little trick to anyone and everyone who is selling anything online.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach

Getting All "Hyped" Up

This is a super dirty trick, and I can almost guarantee you'll find this type of language slipped in to most sales pages. Now, some Internet Marketers may try and mask this trick by putting a different name on it, but it's the same thing.

Some marketers will simply say that they have unbreakable confidence in their products, and there's no "hype" in that.

Really? I beg to differ.

Not that there's anything at all wrong with having that type of confidence in your product, but let's call it what it really is, shall we?

Some more common "hype" words you may have seen, or be using yourself are:










And there are plenty of others lying in wait to pounce on you. But these are more of the commonly used hype words. So, why does this dirty trick work so well?

Because these words spark emotion within your potential customers.

And dragging out that emotional connection to your product can more often than not close the sale.

A word of caution here, though.

Don't over-hype your product.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach


Use this dirty trick wisely and cautiously. Don't over do it and try your best to stay true to the reality of what your product can, and can't do when describing it with "hyped" up words.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach


"Trash" Talking

Have you ever watched a television talk show or professional wrestling?

Then you have seen this dirty trick already!

But, here's how to apply it to your product or business to gain more

"buzz". Find a product that is similar to yours and do some comparison between theirs and yours. Find out what makes yours the better decision for your visitors and exploit it for all it's worth!

Another fantastic way of using this trick is to relate your personal experience with a competitor's product in which the results were less than desireable. Work in the angle that this painful event is the reason that you created your own version of this specific product, but you made it better than the other version.

Don't be afraid to talk some trash about a product to highlight the benefits of your own to get the sale. Do be careful of "slander" issues though. You can hide the details of the specific author or product by calling them “Mr. X”, or “Product Y”. You don't have to bash your competition to smithereens to get your point across.

This dirty trick should also be used sparingly and in context to show your potential customers the benefits of purchasing your product over that of your competitors.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach

Show 'Em What You Got!

Are you ready to "let it all hang out" to get your product selling? If you are, then Dirty Trick #15 is just what you've been waiting for!

The basis of this little sneak is to show your customers what they will be getting with the use of professional looking graphics. Things like ebook covers, software boxes, and an attractive page layout may be just the thing to spice up your digital product.

It's a fact that people like to see what they're buying before they shell out the cash for it.

Yes, even digital products need to "show the goods" before someone will gain enough interest to plop down the dough.

Ever heard the saying, "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words" ?

Well this dirty trick is truly based on that saying. But in this particular case, a picture could be worth a thousand dollars!

However, using a less than professional looking image could result in just the opposite and shut down your sale quick. So, when using an image, make sure it looks professional.

Not only can you use ebook or software cover images, there's also another type of image that can really put your sales into overdrive.

This type of image is called a "profit proof" image, which shows the exact earnings of the person selling the product in question. These will either be scanned checks or payment statements from processors such as ClickBank or PayPal.

These are very useful motivational tools to get your prospects excited.

When they see your figures they start believing that they too can do just what you did and really rack up the profits.

Use this dirty trick whenever you are selling a digital product that could use a professional image to kick up your profit margins. There are some products that don't require an image though, such as a conference call, etc., so be selective when you use this trick.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach


Any product that is used to generate income will benefit from using the

"profit proof" graphic images. However, be sure you "blur" out your customer's information as well as your account numbers and passwords.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach

Go "Pro"

Now, I know you have more than likely heard different opinions about this little trick, but I'm strictly a "pro" kinda guy. Of course, you can have a little web page with drab colors and boring images and still sell whatever it is you're selling.

But the truth behind that is all your sales rely solely on your sales copy.

And if that too is not so hot, then you might as well just hang your hat up right now because you won't sell anything!

However, if you have an attractive web site that looks professionally done, and your sales copy is a bit on the simplistic or novice side, then you still have a good chance that your customers will view you as a reliable source to get the product they are looking for.

Here's another saying for you:

"You Only Get One Chance To Make A First Impression"

And that's true. So, ditch all those flashy banners and weird color schemes and build a "grown up" sales page.

You're not 13 any more. (By the way, there are some seriously talented 13 year olds out there that can really whip up a beautiful web page. Are you going to let them one-up you like that??) Seriously though, the quality of your product shows through the professionalism of your web site's appearance. Utilize professional web editors and graphics programs to get the job done right. If you don't feel confident with this task, there are many online sites where you can outsource this work to professionals for very reasonable fees.

This trick is highly recommended to anyone selling anything online.

Develop your skills at building "pro" web sites, or outsource the work to others, so you can put your best foot forward.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach


Let's Be Partners

Before I tell you about this dirty trick, let me ask you a question. Would it be more productive for one person to sell a box of cookies door to door or 50 people selling them door to door?

Exactly! There is strength in numbers.

This dirty little monster is all about building your numbers with an affiliate program and using it as a joint venture opportunity.

What's the best way to build yourself an army of partners? Let them earn money from any sales they make of your product through their special affiliate link.

Let them sign up for your affiliate program for FREE. And when I say free, I mean don't require them to purchase your product to become an affiliate. It won't work as well for you.

Certainly there are benefits to having them purchase your product first, but you may be limiting your results if you require them to purchase first. Some affiliates represent many different products and don't want to outlay the cash to purchase every program.

However, if you offer them a FREE opportunity to test sell your product via your joint venture program, you'll likely see a bigger partner sign up rate (and consequently a bigger profit rate as well).

Again, this trick is highly recommended to anyone that wants to make more money with less work. Realistically, this is about the only way you can accomplish that.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach

Shh! This Is Secret

Who doesn't want to know a secret? It's human nature to want to be included into some secret club, or inner circle society of special people.

And this dirty trick exploits that desire to the fullest!

Have you ever been to a web site that has a little window pop up either when you first enter the page or leave it? Yes, you probably know all about pop up windows. Who doesn't? But the strength of this trick isn't in what they are, but what they have inside them that counts.

Try sticking a

"You Have 2 Minutes Left To Claim Your 30% Discount Off The Regular Price Of Our Product"

or a little "Why Didn't You Buy?" survey link in there, then offer a special "For Your Eyes Only" discount to make your potential customer feel like they truly are the only ones getting this kind of preferential treatment.

Pop ups aren't the only way to use this trick. You can also create your own little "secret society" or "members only" newsletter or web site and have your visitors sign up to gain instant, free, access to this area. And make sure you have something of value inside!!

This is an outstanding trick to use to build up your subscriber list as well. Yes, some people find pop ups annoying in the wrong context, but when it comes to being part of an "inner circle" of money-savers, they'll often make an exception.

To go along with this same trick, you can also use words on your sales page like





as a means of gaining more sales too.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach


Think about this for a second. If someone selling their "top secret methods" that make them truck loads of cash were going to "spill the beans" and let you in on it, wouldn't you want to be included?

Marketers know it. That's why they use it to their advantage.

And here's a free secret: most of the "top secret secrets" aren't really secrets at all!

Just common marketing sense.

Everyone enjoys getting the inside scoop on something, no matter what it is. Don't you?

This dirty trick is recommended for obtaining a higher conversion rate on your sales.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach

Do You "Qualify"?

This is one beauty of a dirty little trick. The whole basis behind this one is that a person interested in your offer doesn't see an "order now"

button, or a “download your product here” payment link.


What they see instead is a

"Click Here To See If You Qualify For This Special Offer"

form in where they will need to give their name and email address before they even get to see the details of the offer.

Not only are you making sure that your prospective customer takes action, which gets them in the buying mood, but at the same time you are snatching up their email address to build your mailing list!

And the best part is, you really get a chance to see how many people are interested in learning more. Hopefully this will translate into many sales as well.

Not only that, but even IF your potential customers decide NOT to buy your product, you STILL have their email address so you can send them other offers later on!

It's a win-win for you.

If you know how to create an online email sign up form, and use a redirect page, then this could be a super handy little trick for you to try out next time you advertise a new product.

This dirty trick is recommended for those that want to see how much interest customers have in their product, to build up intense curiosity through the "qualifying" process, and to build their mailing list quickly.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach


Let's Go Through This One More Time

Fitting that this would be my last "dirty trick" since it always comes at the end of a sales page. But, this last one is about repetition, plain and simple.

If you have children and you've ever watched educational programs, then you will be familiar with what I'm about to say here. And that is

"People Are Programmed To Learn Through Repetition"

That is what makes this trick such an crucial one. In a nutshell, you are repeating the important details of your product or offer in a small but informative summary, placed right before the order button.

This summary can take the form of a bulleted list, a little "Yes! I Want To Take Advantage Of This Offer" form, or something similar. The main point here is to remind your potential customers of exactly what they will be getting.

If you are not already using this dirty trick, I highly recommend that you start! This will benefit any sales page.


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach



In Closing

To sell something successfully, you have to create curiosity in your customers to want to learn more about what you're selling.

These dirty tricks work. They do. Give them a chance and see if you don't find at least one that will have a positive effect on your profit margin.

If you would like to learn more techniques for making money online, please visit our website at:

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Ron Foss

Cyber Cash Coach


Internet Marketing Seduction – Provided by Cyber Cash Coach

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