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I know what you’re thinking. The last thing you need, or want, is some clown giving you
a pep-talk about what motivates you. But, over the years I’ve heard countless people say
they want to make a lot of money. They want to be rich beyond comprehension; they
want nice cars, big boats, mansions on a hill… all that the good life has to offer.
Whenever I hear that, I have but one question I ask them;
I can’t properly put into words the dumbfounded look I receive the majority of the time I
ask this. Often a person will become a little defensive and begin to state the obvious; only
to stop themselves as the question sinks in deeper.
You see, before I asked them that question, they thought they knew… but suddenly they
realize they have not yet landed that understanding.
Many think having all those things, is the very reason to want to “have” all those things.
Not true. They are just “things”. Possessions that are often not enough of a reason for
someone to obtain them.
Don’t get me wrong, they are nice to have, but they are “byproducts” of your
persistence…mere manifestations of your driving force.
You need to know “why” before you know “how”, because the “why” will carry you
through all the obstacles that ARE going to get in your way (notice I did not say; “might
get in your way”).
Yes, that’s right; things are going to get in the way of your success. Following your
ambitions is a bumpy road. It is not the beaten path (that would be a J.O.B). It is a
constant climb, struggle, and march toward that ultimate reason; your “why”.
Your “why” is your anchor…one that grounds you as you FIGHT for your dreams and
There are many “how’s” to make those things a reality, and make no mistake; it is
possible for you to become very successful in Internet Marketing, so you’ve already
found your “how”. This can be your vehicle to make those dreams come true. All you
need to do now is fine-tune your “why”.
Now, I know this statement sounds rather simplistic. The challenge is for these words to
travel the inches between your brain and your heart. This has long proven to be the most
difficult distance we must conquer. You may capture this truth with your mind, but it
needs to get into your heart. It needs to get into your belly!