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What Is Your Motive?
Briefly, what do you hope to achieve from writing and submitting articles? Fame?
Do you have a product to sell or an affiliate program to promote? Have you
populated your personal homepage with strategically placed Google Adwords?
Do you just want visitors for the sake of it?
We all need visitors. What's the point of creating a website if no-one knows it's
there? I'm going to show you the best and most powerful way to increase the
number of visitors to your website and it won't cost you anything except your
Think about this for a moment:
Let's pretend that you own a website about fishing. You write an article
about fishing and submit it to a couple dozen article directories. Most
article directories will post your article within a couple of days, although
some are so backed up with article submissions that it could take quite a
bit longer. Within a week, your article is posted for all the world to see on
almost all of the article directories that you submitted to.
Along comes Bob, who likes fishing and is looking for information on the
subject. He sees your article and thinks that it is very informative. Now,
Bob has a website about fishing and he thinks that your article would sit
well on his website, so he goes and copies it and places it on his website -
along with the article resource box, which has links to your website, etc.
Now, the people reading your article on Bob's website are pre-disposed to
what you have to say, because if they weren't they wouldn't be reading
your article on a fishing-related website.
Bob also has a newsletter which he sends to his list once a week. There
are approximately two thousand names on his list. In one of his
newsletters he includes your article. In other words, he emails a link to
your fishing website to two thousand fishing enthusiasts.
Imagine the exposure your website would get if a hundred Bob's, or even
a thousand Bob's, all came along and used your article!
This example may be fiction, but the theory is sound. People all over the
world are realising just how powerful writing articles actually is as a
marketing or promotional tool. Forget about search engines and the like.
Submit your website to Google and Yahoo and forget about search