International Student Part One HTML version

sat there slouching forward with his eyes bulging
How great therefore was my surprise" and even more
so my fear" when the plane slowly began taking off
and this fellow‘s right hand suddenly trembled as he
raised it up feebly toward me. That was the first
time I looked at him directly, because it seemed as
if he were aiming for my neck. It was then that I
realized he was trying to fasten his seat belt. Whew!
How relieved I felt when he did. But then I looked at
him afterward with the corner of my eye and there he
was again…slouching back to his original position.
The silence that ensued was broken a few minutes
"Mesdames et Messieurs, good afternoon. I‘m Alphonse
Jean-Baptiste, your pilot on this flight. Welcome
onboard flight 740 from Barboura City to
Philadelphia, United States of America. We‘ll make a
brief stop in Paris and we estimate this flight to
take at least eight hours and a half. Enjoy your
flight and =merci‘ for choosing Air La Colombe."