International Student Part One HTML version

right now. All passengers must return to their
He looked at her from head to toe and then shook his
The last thing I remember hearing him say was that he
had a PhD dissertation to present in two weeks and
that the last thing he wanted to do was argue with
anyone. Fuming, he walked slowly toward his seat,
pulling along a cart filled with huge text books. The
passengers murmured.
The Boeing 767 increased its speed and I kept
looking through my side window to refrain from making
eye contact with the frail-looking, balding white
male who had taken position next to me on seat 26B.
Slouching forward on his seat, his eyes bulged out
and were so wide open that they almost looked as if
they would pop out. And his face looked pale and dry.
I didn‘t recall him responding when one of the flight
attendants walked by saying: "Hello sir, how are you
doing?" and he seemed so oblivious to everything that
occurred within the plane. He didn‘t turn. He didn‘t
move. He didn‘t utter a word…let alone cough. He just