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Desktop Directory Updates
The iCop™ Desktop Directory is updated four (4) times per year. We are
working with more and more online business owners, and our membership is
growing daily. With each updated edition, you’ll find even more companies
you can absolutely trust on the ‘Net: companies that put the customer
To receive notification of each new edition as it is released, just visit the
iCop™ web site to register for the updates. This Desktop Directory will
never cost you a dime. It will always be FREE! Register Now!
iCop Members: Please do not register for updates. All iCop™ members
receive the quarterly editions automatically.
Share the iCop™ Desktop Directory with Others!
Feel free to share this handy and valuable Desktop Directory with your
friends, colleagues, subscribers or whomever you choose.
As you visit any web site listed in the Desktop Directory, please be sure the
first thing you do is to look for the iCop™ Seal!
Occasionally, we do have to show a member the door. If the seal isn't
displayed, you should be aware that this business is no longer approved
to carry the iCop™ seal.