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iCop’s Desktop Directory is published for one reason only: to help you avoid
the online hype-masters and scam artists. It leads you, instead, straight to
the most reputable and ethical online companies to do business with.
It took years to convince people it was safe to shop and spend money online.
Recently, some of the “gurus” and so-called “leaders” of Internet
marketing have begun buying and selling customer information
personal information including telephone numbers!
In many cases this is being done without giving the customer the chance to
say, “No” – or “opt-out” - of having their information exchanged. Although it
may be legal to sell customer information, we believe it is disrespectful to
you, the customer, and a violation to your right to privacy!
iCop™ stands firmly against any transfer of personal information for reasons
of building the contact lists of third parties. Any iCop™ member who
participates in the sale of the personal information of visitors or customers,
to build the contact lists of third parties, is removed from membership
immediately, and without recourse.
You will find the iCop™ Membership Seal proudly displayed on web sites
around the world by professionals who adhere to the highest standards of
business ethics as espoused by our association. When you do business
with an iCop™ member, you are assured of dealing with a company of
the highest integrity.
At the web sites of iCop™ members, you will always find:
Companies that adhere to the guidelines of the U.S. Federal Trade
Commission (FTC) – even if they are based outside the USA
Companies that stand behind their products - with fair refund policies
Complete physical contact information
Secure servers for online payments
NO hidden charges, overblown hype or false advertising
NO unsolicited commercial email
Companies that pledge NEVER to sell, trade, or give away your
personal information
So, before you buy anything online, check this handy Desktop Directory
of iCop™ members to see if you can find the same item from a company you
can trust! By doing so, you’ll be able to shop without fear.