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Instant Sikh History 2016

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Published: 6 months ago

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Book Description

In this book Sardar Sangat Singh proves himself among those few who in masterly style have set forth a comprehensive and rounded account of the history of this remarkable nation India or you may call it a family of believers and learners an ecclesial entity. About this last term – in classic Greek the ecclesia was the free citizen – body of the polity, The polis-city, called out by the herald to excise its corporate rights on behalf’s of city-state.It becomes immediately clear that this books stands in the upper echelons of the genre, taking its place with the greatest of the works which have followed from the days of Cunningham and McAuliffe.Noel Q. King Professor- Emeritus of history and comparative religionsUniversity of California, Santa Cruz USA


Dr. Sangat Singh

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