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001 A Ghost Sails By Scotland's Isles
002 With Times Passing Is Lost Forever
003 Rain Beats at My Window
004 A Rose Is Still A Rose When Not In Bloom
005 He Who Walks Among Thorns
006 Silence Is Gods Lullaby
036 Your Pardon Sir (1st Address to Burns) 037 As I Slouch Upon My Chair
038 Only Be Proud If You Are Humble 039 A World Without Dreamers Cannot Be 040 On Times Passing My Mind I've Cast 041 Let Hate In My Heart Not Be

2 10
007 My Mind Is Wrapped In Stillness Deep

008 Broken Hearts and Broken Dreams…
009 Click, Click goes the Keyboard
010 Dark Hills and Dark Nights Foreboding
011 Wisdom Its Said Comes With Age
012 He Shall Be Humbled, Who Is Proud 042 Should You An Idea Hold
043 On Open Hills I Have Walked
044 To Be, Or Not To Be A Bee
045 Of An Angels Grace Are We Worthy? 046 On Suns Setting at the End of The Day 047 I Too Am Human


013 A Sinners Plea
014 Christmas Eve 2006
015 The World Is Gripped by Hatred
016 First Ode To Wordsworth
017 I Am Awake As Others Lie Asleep


018 The Great Mc Gonagall
019 His Hand in the Wound Had Been. 048 To The Recently Deceased 049 Too Many Chocolates
050 Once There Dwelt A Scotsman 051 The Apple of Eden


052 Too Little Time to See the World
053 Calm Be, Though the World Seems Mad
054 From Another World
055 To Have Again the Days of Youth
056 Crazed Beats Echo Into The Night

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020 Verses on Big Folk And Little Folk
021 Tore Down By God, Who Was Angered By Man
022 Glass In The Hand
023 Brave Wallace Lies Neath Weeping Skies
024 This Rainy Night Where Is She?
059 Let There Be Joy
060 Care Not For Your Brother 061 To Grow in Love Is What God Asks 062 Crying Spirit of the Night
063 Adored By All
064 The World Is Dying
065 Be There Peace
7 14
025 I Often Think... If God Is Islamic
026 Dancer Move Across The Stage
027 A Prayer Tonight Let Me Say
028 The Ballad of Old Clonbroney 066 Eve
067 Where There's An If

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029 In Darkness Crept Shadows Dark
030 Stars Twinkling, Unseen, Behind Cloud
031 What I See Before Me
032 Days Gone And To Come
033 The Crying Sky
034 Shall Another Read My Words
035 All Are Dead
069 Snakes All Around Us 070 What Ails Ye Now?


071 Words of A Writer on the Folly of Fools
072 At The Turning of the Year 2007
073 As If Pearls, Below Me Lights Are Spread
074 Can I See If I Look in the Distance?
075 Be A Bard Like A Bird
076 A Thought for Israel
077 An Angel Over Me Keeps Watch



17 a

078 Born of Loneliness Are The Arts
079 All Is Lost When Lost Is Hope
080 A Dream Held Close to the Heart
081 An Ear Always Listening for a Prayer
082 Carry On In Love


083 King Billy and The Pope
084 Nothing to Write Upon Today
085 Some Things Never Change


086 Let Us As Friends Not Be Silent
087 In A Bog of Brown, A Message From God?
089 Equally Wise and Foolish Are We
090 Begin in Delight and End in Wisdom


091 On Suns Setting at the End of Day
092 I, A Sinner Preach of God
093 From a Tomb He Has Risen
094 Natures Great and Natures Kind
095 Gods Love for All Knows no Bounds
096 Is God One or Three?


097 Calm As The Sea Unstirred By Wind
098 Crawl With The Creatures of the Earth
099 In Times of Despair I Ask My God
100 Of the End, We Shall Be Spared
101 I Cant Remember What I Chose to Forget
102 City of Ships of the Seven Seas
103 Open All Windows and Let the Gales Through
104 Smiling We Cannot Always Be