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078 Born of Loneliness Are The Arts
079 All Is Lost When Lost Is Hope
080 A Dream Held Close to the Heart
081 An Ear Always Listening for a Prayer
082 Carry On In Love
083 King Billy and The Pope
084 Nothing to Write Upon Today
085 Some Things Never Change
086 Let Us As Friends Not Be Silent
087 In A Bog of Brown, A Message From God?
089 Equally Wise and Foolish Are We
090 Begin in Delight and End in Wisdom
091 On Suns Setting at the End of Day
092 I, A Sinner Preach of God
093 From a Tomb He Has Risen
094 Natures Great and Natures Kind
095 Gods Love for All Knows no Bounds
096 Is God One or Three?
097 Calm As The Sea Unstirred By Wind
098 Crawl With The Creatures of the Earth
099 In Times of Despair I Ask My God
100 Of the End, We Shall Be Spared
101 I Cant Remember What I Chose to Forget
102 City of Ships of the Seven Seas
103 Open All Windows and Let the Gales Through
104 Smiling We Cannot Always Be