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Benihana's Fried Rice


 1 c Uncooked rice
 5 T Butter
 1 c Chopped onion
 1 c Chopped carrots
 2/3 c Chopped scallions
 3 T Sesame seeds
 5 Eggs
 5 T Soy sauce

Cook rice according to package directions. In a large skillet melt butter. Add onions, carrots and scallions. Saute until carrots are translucent. Set aside. Heat oven to 350 degrees. Place sesame seeds in a shallow pan. Bake until golden brown (10 to 15 minutes), shaking pan occasionally for even color. Lightly grease another skillet. Beat eggs. Pour into hot skillet. Cook as you would scrambled eggs. Combine rice, vegetables, sesame seeds and eggs. Add soy sauce. Stir. Salt and pepper to taste.