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Deep into the century, a sorcerer of notable standing created many artifacts for nonmagically aligned folks to fight off an ancient evil. The artifacts included amulets of a particular type. One of which was the Amulet of Release. The quantity of these amulets are not known for many were destroyed in the war, and some were seized by the darkness.

These ancient evils were corrupted spirits of the ancient ones. They were once in fact mighty dragons who grew tired of being branded evil by their very look and took action into their own hands to stamp away their threat but, it was these very acts that led them to the path of evil.

There are still yet many good ancient ones that remain but they have kept themselves away from man.

Through long hours of discussion, the council of the wise ones decided to lock away forever the power of the artifacts.

The stories told were long ago but, now is now.


Chapter 1

Michael sat at the
computer staring at the screen wondering what the hell to do. This was the most boring night ever, sure yesterday was boring but this is worse, because it was still boring. Tomorrow will probably be the same and he will end up suffering the never ending chain of boredom.

It was kind of ironic for him as he muses the fact that at work he works predominantly with computers and yet here and now he was staring at one, when he finally got home.

Sometimes he wishes something would happen, anything at all; a meteorite maybe or even a tiny war. Anything would do to stop the growing madness inside of his head. If something doesn't happen soon he fears that he would become delusional.

Before he knew it he had fallen asleep, only his eyes weren't close. It’s just that his brain seems to have shut down, and he was operating on
automatic. He became amused at this fact but only just.

Then it came, the
screeching of car tires in front of his house, the sound of metal scraping across concrete and a loud bang, no…many loud bangs as if guns were being fired, and then the roaring sound of
something. Then everything slowed down.

The wall seem to peel or rather seem to bend unnaturally, a small crack at first then metal pierces through the wall, it was like an action movie that he was participating in. The car came racing through the left side of the wall with him still sitting where he was.

Another second and he would have died, he had reacted without thinking, he leaned back so much that the chair fell over with his feet sticking in the air while his desktop computer along with half of his bed was wiped out along with the wreckage of the car.

This was not happening, he had saved up so much for that computer, and he even had to forego eating to buy it.

Michael felt so angry at the injustice of this but could do nothing about it for at that point in time the roof decided to cave in on him.

He had never been one for claustrophobia for the fact that he had never been in a closed space but, now he is and he struggles with his all to pull himself out of the wreckage of his house, he was half swimming half struggling, he could no longer feel anything in his arms but he had a fair clue that he was wounded.

A small twinkling of light, he saw it briefly but he saw it, he pulls himself out and stares at the glowing full moon and gasps. He was alright but, he was wounded, but barely, there were only some scrapes and scratches but they would
definitely hurt when his adrenalin finally decreased. But at this moment he thanks the powers that be that he can not feel anything.

Then he saw them, the headlights, the headlights of the infernal car that wrecked his bedroom and his parents’ house. Oh boy are his parents going to kill him when they get back from their holiday trip. But maybe the insurance will cover all of it since a car, not his own, was driven through his house.

Before he knew it he was trudging along up to the car, so angry now that he was ignorant to everything, especially to another car bearing down his way and barely stopping in the back of his ignorant self.

"Hey you, you fuckhead, get out of the car now!!!" Not all his life had he been so angry. Where is he going to sleep? How is he going to rest to go to work? The bastards will pay.

He had trudged up to the car door and yanked hard,
without acknowledging it, the car door just came loose and tossed to the side as if it was mere paper.

Behind the car door was a heavily wounded man, he was bleeding heavily, and from what Michael could see, so was
everyone in the car. Anger turned to concern and he started to pull them out. 'Oh my God, what the hell?' he thinks.

"I would leave them there if I were you," said a voice behind his back. Michael turned around at the cold voice to see a black clad man pointing a gun at him.

He had wished for
excitement but, not for this, not for this. The man waved the gun at him as if for him to move. He had no choice whatsoever but to comply and then with a glaring realization, this man was
responsible for everything. He was responsible for the wounded, responsible for his backyard being dug up like it is now, responsible for his house being cut in half and his computer which was completely destroyed. Anger fed him power, anger fed him strength and he clenched his fists.

The man must have seen what he was about to do, for he suddenly brought up the gun as if to shoot but Michael was just that much quicker and launched himself at the man only to be shot straight in the chest. 'Fuck this was bad' and then he fell backward onto the ground.

He was looking straight up at the moon, and his eyes were getting blurry and his body growing cold when he saw the face smirking down at him with that infernal gun pointed straight at his head. "Boy, that surprises me but you just earned yourself one way to heaven" and he took aim.

Then he saw the light flashes behind him and
something launched past his head in a blur, the smiling face was a frown. Then a line of flame went past his face and body as there were more flashes of light. But that too was fading and then darkness.

Chapter 2

Carla watches helplessly as she sees the man take the bullets and fell over, as the Priestess of the Seal it was her duty to protect and keep the Amulets of Release from the clawing hand of the darkness. And now a bystander was involved.

She had no clue as to how they found out her where abouts for many runes were drawn on their bodies to dampen dousing. But never the less they have found her and her protector. It was only the protector who was given the usage of the amulets for without it there was no way they would be able to protect her from harms way.

Some of those same protectors had used their own bodies to shield her from harm when the car finally crashed and had plowed through the house.

Everything was fine and happy and she was talking to Brandon just a brief moment ago now he was dead and laying beside her…his neck broken from the impact that should have killed her.

As the protector
continuously fights the dark wizard just metres away from her and also the body of the stranger who had previously been
dragging them out of the
wrecked car, she could watch in helplessness.

None of her protectors were qualified to use the amulets for they could not release their true form. Only two in their group could have done that and that was Brandon and the other, Ritter. Brandon was dead, his amulet dull in her hand. He could not use it now but perhaps that stranger can.

The amulets were said to give any bearer the power of regeneration but, no matter the regenerative ability the dead can not be revived.

While her protectors were fighting, she placed the amulet around the neck of the stranger hoping that she had made it in time. The man, from what she could see, had willingly tossed himself at the dark wizard
without a second thought and now he lay dying on the ground.

The effect was
instantaneous not even Brandon or Ritter could have released the amulet.

The explosion of light nearly burned her sight away as it shot from the body of the man and into the sky, rising up and up and up in a wavy line forming finally the shape of the ancient one, a dragon of magnificence. The white serpentine dragon roared once, shaking the
surroundings while her protectors and the dark wizard completely stopped in their tracks.

The dragon turned around, staring at the now terrified group. He looked down back into the body and plunged into the body of the man.

She watches as the
wounds of the man had gotten miraculously healed and the man rose up to his feet standing firm and glaring at the crowd of terrified protectors and the dark wizard.

Chapter 3

Michael did not get it, he was dying and now he was up on his feet, power surging through him with magnificent power. For a while there he could have sworn that he had actually
exploded from his own chest into the sky and then plunged back into himself again.

He took a look at them, all were wounded but, one he remembered had shot him in cold blood and the rest were in the car. He was pissed, very pissed and he wanted to release it all, release it all on that man.

Without realizing it he had said it out loud "Release". He could feel it blazing around him, the energy simply exploded under his feet and surrounded him in a spherical field of blazing light. The ground exploded around him tearing away and floating into the air.

Before he knew it he was encased in an armour of white and gold, a crown rested on his head, and two white gigantic bird like wings sprouted from his back, and he was holding a white and gold spear in his hand which was blazing with incredible light.

He points at the wizard with the spear and a beam shoots out of it and into and through him. The dark wizard screamed and black smoke rose from his mouth and some from his skin. The dark wizard fell to the
ground not understanding of what had truly happened but it seems his power had gone from him.

With that Michael promptly fainted.


Chapter 4

Rozek, angered by the incompetence of his subordinate, punched hard into the table in front of him making a big hole in it. It was incredulous that one dark wizard could not handle the power of one drugged up
mediocre protector and a sorry excuse for one.

But yet it had been
reported back that Grondel failed for his dark signature had
vanished from the Book of Pact. This of course usually means that they have been killed and
therefore have failed in their mission.

He had offered Ritter the Power of Darkness thus creating a pact, and his signature still remained in the book therefore he had not tried to betray the contract. It was he that drugged his friend. So how could they still defeat Grondel?

Grabbing the table with one hand while his other
subordinates watched in fear, he slammed it across the wall sending shards of wood fragments everywhere.

"Find her and bring the damn priestess alive, we need her blood to open the seal!" he yelled at them.

Callyn a corrupted amulet user stood up and bowed at him and then walked gracefully out. While his other underlings, goblins and trolls alike quickly rushed out as if in fear for their lives.

Chapter 5

Carla watched over the body of the man who had just saved all of their lives, he
seemed to be in a comatose state of some kind, he had made no movement at all ever since he had collapsed.

Her remaining protectors had called up 000 for emergency aid but had left the house in ruins while taking the dark wizard's car to continue on to their journey's end.

They are now at Farley's Eden, a hand reared flower and plants mega store, also the
hideaway of Farley the Wizard. There was no doubt in her mind at all that the man that had rescue her had the spirit of the ancient ones, the dragons of old and therefore the one most worthy to hold the power of the Amulet of Release; an astounding find for anyone of this age.

From what she knew and what has been passed down to her, dragons have left this world to the hands of men but, for this man to possess the power or the spirit of the dragon could only mean one thing…the dragons had sent one of their own to be born in this world in the guise of a man to help them.

Farley standing by her side confirmed as much, "Yup, this boy here…there is no doubt about it…the energy he gives off is that of a dragon. Sure he looks like a man but he is definitely a dragon."

"But why? Why would he be here and why now?" she asks him. Farley just shrugged and said "I am not quite sure but, there were these stories too that the dragons, before deciding to lock away forever the power of the amulet, had volunteered to stay behind in the world of men to help out mankind thinking that to just abandon them is wrong," he looks down at the man and then says "Perhaps he is one of them that had wanted to remain behind."

She was almost elated when she heard what Farley had said. "So you are saying the war could finally be tilted in our favor with the help of this man?" She almost jumped for joy if not for Farley stopping her.

"Don't rush into believing this and that," he frowned "At the same time he could be one of the ones that stayed behind to
destroy the world too. At the moment we have no clue what kind he is, let’s just keep a safe distance."

She got to her feet only to find Elra's hand on her shoulder. She turned around to meet her friend's gaze, there was a look of sadness in her face, then the realization hit her and she began to cry. Her favorite protector, Brandon, had died to protect her and she wept into her friend's arm where she held her for a while then pushed her back. Her face still hadn't changed, then she said "The amulets, they are rejecting the other protectors..."

Carla could not help it but, just fell back onto the floor, this was bound to happen
eventually. They were just not meant to wear it. Only a few non-magically aligned men or women could wear it and release the power from within them. But, unfortunately, as time goes past the amulet would reject them for they do not have the right kind of power inside them.

She looked to Farley and he nodded "Looks like we got no choices then. We are just going to have to trust in fate and trust in what it brings." He then looked back at the man who suddenly groaned.

Chapter 6

Michael woke up
thinking ‘what the hell hit me?’, he had vaguely recalled the weird dream where he turned into a sorry excuse for a power ranger and shot a beam of light at an enemy. What the hell was that about?

When he opened his eyes, he saw a face so beautiful it made him wonder if he was in heaven and then he saw the guy and thought nope no one that mediocre looking could make it in heaven. So he must not be dead. It was a weird sort of reasoning but, he was right on the mark.

The girl then grabbed him and for some reason begins to cry, oh god, he must stink, he just realize he hadn't showered last night. Then he remembered her face, she was in the car and he had tried to rescue her but then had gotten shot for it. Then something weird happened and that dream happened. Please let it be a dream, let it be a dream he almost yelled out.

The girl sniffles and says "My name is Carla. You are the dragon that was sent to save us. You are our only hope."

Crap, he thought.


Chapter 7 what Michael should have said but being the man that he is he said "Get away from me you fucking nutjob!!!!" and then backed away to the farthest corner of the room.

Carla didn't know exactly where she went wrong in her introduction but, she had a feeling that he was not going to listen to reason, neither did Farley who immediately
whacked him on the head with his staff which suddenly appeared.

"So what are we going to do?" she said with chagrin.

"Well I don't know about you but, I think you came on just a bit too strong," said Farley.

The wizard sighed and said, "Let’s just take him back and see what he does next. I can fix his house back to the way it was in a matter of seconds but, really you know how to pick your heroes."

Chapter 8

"It’s been 7 hours," Carla was mumbling behind his back with her hand grasping her waist. He doesn't quite understand it himself but, for some reason magic just doesn't want to work around this place, as if the very air around here was a magic dampener.

"And I don't think he can stand any more of you knocking him unconscious either, you must have hit him 6 times by now," she sighed. "If you hit him anymore I think he is going to be brain damaged."

No choice then, he had to use it, he always hate using it because whenever he used the bloody amulet he would turn into a turtle but with magnified
magic. With one word he said it, "release", and his very body shrunk down and his body started to turn green and a bit scaly. He was still on his two feet but now he was that much smaller but still holding the staff. Farley, the Wizard, has now become Farley the anthromorphic Turtle Wizard. Why in God's name was this man a dragon and he was a turtle it was so unfair. But, with his power magnified 100 fold one quick chant was enough to put the house back in its previous shape.

He was never going to live this down in the wizarding community. And it always takes him 2 hours plus to change back, god damn them all, god damn them all to hell.

"Errr I don't think the house originally looked like that Farley" she says. He gasped, as only an anthromorphic turtle can, without realizing it he had
converted the house into a pit with spikes jutting out from every which way. In his way he had turn it into hell. He sighed and chanted once more. The house was luckily now back to the way it was, or at least he hoped so.

Chapter 9

When Michael woke up he had a splitting headache, he must be coming down with that new flu, for the life of him he couldn't remember what
happened, maybe it was some kind of self induced amnesia resulting from a severe trauma state. Little did he know this was in fact the case, he was shutting down getting whacked in the head six times in a row as a way of forgetting the pain.
Unfortunately, the pain was still there.

It was the fucking
weirdest dream he ever had. He was so glad that he was just the mediocre Michael that everyone knows. He looked at the clock then jumped, it was 2:00pm, and he starts work in 30 minutes. How was he going to get to work on time? It was at least half an hour walk to where he works. The train had already gone, what the hell was he going to do? He hadn't even made food yet or prepared anything. What the fuck???!!!!

After several minutes have passed he decided the best thing to do was call work and tell them he was going to be late but as he got to the phone for some reason the phone did not seem to be connected. What the
fuck???!!!! In the end with only 10 minutes left he decided to run to work.

Even if he ran full speed the whole way the best he could do was cut down 2 minutes, he would still be late by 20 minutes Boy was this going to look good on his record.

When he got out of the door he burst full speed down the corner hanging a quick turn and rushed madly down the streets, in his wake he left a long line of flame from where his feet had touched the pavement.

This of course would be totally out of place if not for the front of his house already
looking like an entry way into hell itself, poor Farley, the Turtle Wizard had only managed to turn the back of the house to the way it was while the front still
remained like the looks of hell.

This visage was surprisingly good for the visiting mormons because for some
strange reason everyone was mumbling about that house next door and wanting to ascend to the heaven above.

When he finally arrived at the call centre, his favorite place to work (Not!), he could smell some kind of burning, maybe there was a fire of some kind, and he was right the smouldering shoes had made the carpet catch fire, then the alarms went off and all hell broke loose.

The sprinklers were turned on suddenly and being the call centre that it is, with
computers and phones lying around, water was not the best friend of such equipment.

The computer keyboard fried and several operators had to be sent home or to the hospital depending on which one was electrocuted and which ones were in shock from seeing someone getting electrocuted.

All in all it was a good day for Michael. He was paid for a job not done and he
electrocuted several people that were always good since he didn't like most of them.

Taking a short trip home on the train and being able to relax was a welcome idea for Michael but, when he finally got off at his station, he found himself inundated by a large crowd, made up of news
journalists and random citizens. Bumping around and wading through the crowd he finally made it in front of his house. For a long while he stared at it, his brain attempting to make heads or tails of what he is seeing and failing miserably. He looked up at the sky with his fist punching at the clouds as if seeking
vengeance, and he shouted "Why me?!?" at the top of his lungs.

Chapter 10

"You should stay here until Kaiten arrives, he is a first class protector from the
organization," Farley says to the girl priestess "Yes he is no dragon spirit but he is just as good, he is skilled in martial arts and various forms of
assassination techniques."

"No I should move now, I have already caused so much trouble for you, and if I stay there will be even more problems for you," Carla says feeling so tired from it all. Her protector was of no use any longer except as a meat shield now that they have lost the power to use the amulets. Besides they were originally priests with no fighting skills. All except for Brandon who was a hired bodyguard sent by the organization.

Elra then intervened, "No, Farley is right you should stay here, by leaving you would put yourself at risk and also the Seal and thus the world. You should stay until at least Kaiten arrives."

With a heavy heart Carla sighed, at least with her here she can at least keep a closer eye on the dragon spirit man.

Chapter 11

Kaiten sat in the chair, face cool and calm not showing any sign of emotion. He had been trained this way since birth, and not surprisingly, he was awarded an Amulet of Release. To all he was Kaiten but to the Black Panther Ninja Clan he was its Kage, the leader of the Black Panther Ninja Clan, and he was on his way to Protect Carla the Priestess of the Seal.

The airplane from Japan landed at Birsbane Airport and soon Kaiten was walking out to meet his contact. As a Ninja he could be noticed only if he wanted to but, at this moment, he did not want to, so he was part of the growing throngs.

Dazza knew, from the picture, what Kaiten would look like and jumped up and down excitedly when he saw him, waving almost frantically.

Ritter almost laughed at the young would be protector as Dazza did the job he was hoping to do. Using Dazza to his own means and then getting rid of Kaiten would only be just a matter of time.

Kaiten frown as the
young man wave at him in such a frantic manner that he almost lost his cool but, being the man that he is, he decided the best course of action was to just approach him. As he neared Dazza,
another man appeared by his side.

"Hey the name is Ritter, they sent me here to escort you and Dazza back to the Priestess." Ritter smile warmly, a bit too warmly for Kaiten's liking. Dazza was a bit confused as to why Ritter was sent also, since nothing was mentioned that Ritter would come as well.

The plan was that Dazza would meet Kaiten and take him back to Farley's Eden via a cab. But this was okay too.
Especially with Ritter being an elite Protector as well, this could only make the mission that much more successful. Dazza smile at this which makes Kaiten relax visibly.

Ritter led them to his car pointing that Dazza should sit next to him while Kaiten sit next to the bag with his luggage..

The car drove out of the car park and into the main road but, as Dazza noticed they were going the wrong way, in fact they were going outside of town. Dazza frowned at this but did not say anything as Ritter aside from Brandon was one of the best Protectors around.

Dazza could only notice that something was very wrong when they were completely outside of town now and there were no cars in sight. Dazza tried to turn around to warn Kaiten to get out but it was too late, his head was suddenly smashed through the side
window knocking him out, and causing severe head injury.

Kaiten knew from the start that this would be a set up. So he had prepared for it, with his amulet in his hand just before the incident happen. But, before he could release the amulet, Ritter went through the process first.

"Dark release," Ritter mumbled under his breath and a globe of darkness covered his entire body, the energy was so violent that the car exploded into pieces. Dazza was thrown
completely out onto the road, barely hanging onto life as blood poured out from his body.

Kaiten had said it just in time and released a powerful panther spirit which jumped from his chest and caused a shield to form around his entire body.

When the shrapnel and dust finally settled there were two powerful beings confronting each other. Kaiten, now wearing ninja armor, holding a red and black katana blazing with red and black flames and Ritter, clad completely in darkness, his face metamorphoses into that of the devil, spikes sticking out of his shoulders and arms, no longer that of a human but that of a demon.

Kaiten knew that this was not going to be an ordinary fight and he is most likely going to get more than scrapes and scratches from this.

Ritter roared at him and charged. Kaiten vanished from where he stood and appeared behind the back of the slower moving Ritter. His katana in hand he slashed diagonally downward in a wide arc leaving an after image behind but, to no avail causes next to no damage on Ritter who turned around at him and grinned widely.

"You think you are the only one with such tricks?" Ritter asked before vanishing right in front of his eyes only to appear right behind Kaiten and grabbing to do a reverse sup lex with such force that the ground exploded with a semi conscious Kaiten at the centre of the crater.

As Ritter could feel victory at hand, he jumped upward and roared while spikes jutted out of his elbows even further and twisted in the air aiming his spiked elbow at the semi conscious Kaiten.

Dazza at that point in time reaches consciousness and in his last act of heroics jumps toward the semi conscious Kaiten and protected his body with his own.

The blow was too much for Dazza, and his body gave way and convulsed one last time while blood spurts from his mouth where he lay completely lifeless.

Kaiten, finally regaining composure, jumps backward from the crater and yells "Criss Cross Slasher," sending a black and red cross like beam at Ritter who took the full brunt of it. The move had completely taken Ritter by surprise by its
damaging hit. Blood starts to seep from his armored skin and involuntarily he started to turn back into a human.

Kaiten, in the mean time, had used the last of his strength in that last desperate move and could do no more, throwing a smoke bomb at the ground, he vanishes into thin air.

At the least he now knows where to look for the Priestess of the Seal.

Chapter 12

Carla openly cried at the sight of the broken body of Dazza whom Ritter had brought back.

"So it has come to this then?" Farley said "Kaiten too had defected and is now on the run; well that just means the plan has changed again."

Ritter grinned at this, the damage that had been done by Kaiten was too severe for him to ignore, he can barely stand but this will do for now. Kaiten is branded a traitor and there is one less pest to deal with.

Farley was taken aback by the grin but continued on "Carla, I think its best that you go where that idiot is, he may not be much right now but he can still protect you."

Ritter raises his eyebrows at this but does not make a move to ask any questions which relaxed Farley a little.

‘It must just be his
paranoia,’ Farley thought to himself but Ritter is acting a little suspicious may be someone should keep a close eye on him.

"Well its time to beg my leave," Ritter bowed with a flourish and left the shop.

Chapter 13

"So there is another?" Rozek asked aiming the question at the corrupted and currently wounded Protector.

"It seems that way My Lord, it seems that way," Ritter replied.

"Very well, you may leave, I have much to do and plan for." Rozek motioned with his hand to dismiss Ritter.

Rozek hates to do this but, with Ritter's failure to completely destroy Kaiten, he now has to use that arrogant bastard Callyn.

Eyeing the intercom for a good while he finally decides to press the button. The secretary chimed in "This is Elena, how may I help you?"

"Send in Callyn," he replied.


Chapter 14

Carla stood in front of the hell house and stared at it for a bit. "Was this how it looked before we crashed into it?"

‘Crap,’ Farley thought, he mustn't have done it right; he must have fixed only the back of the house. This is going to be bad.

Before either of the two could do anything else, the front door to the gate of hell opened up with a swinging creak. "Why look at what have we here. Isn't it just great that my renovator has arrived!!!!" Michael was
standing at the front door with his hands on his waist staring angrily at the two troublemakers.

"Errr...I can explain..." Farley stuttered, just before he was hauled bodily into the gate.

"Damn right you will," said Michael clearly very
annoyed. "Not only are my neighbors thinking that I am crazy they are also armed with pitchforks. This happens every time I try to chat with them," he glared at the clearly
uncomfortable wizard. "What in hell did you do?"

"We can explain..." said Carla who is standing right in front of the door.

"Oh look you brought the weirdo with you," Michael continued to glare at Farley. "Not only did you ruin my house, you also kept hitting me on the head, you bastard, now I have a
headache to last me a lifetime."

"Now hold on..." said another voice, this one belonging to Elra, Carla's personal
bodyguard. "You listen for a damn second."

"Who the hell are you and why?” He screamed at them. This was clearly more than enough for Elra as she rushed inside and without a second thought brought all the power in her right fist and her right hook sank Michael to the floor.

When Michael finally came to, he was lying on his chest with his arms tied behind his back and his legs bound together with the ropes tying his legs and wrists together. In effect he was hogtied.

He tried to speak but all that came were muffled. With shocked realization he
discovered that they had also bound his mouth.

"Now listen," the dark haired woman looked at him and continued on to say, "We are not here to cause you any harm." Michael just looked skeptically at her. She sighs but, continues "From what Carla and Farley say they believe that you are a
dragon sent to earth to save the world from this war." Michael did not answer as if he could anyway but, rolled his eyes.

Elra had enough of his rudeness and with that she
motioned to kick him in the face where Michael just winced. Carla, however, seeing a
potential protector about to be hurt quickly flung herself in front of him as if trying to protect him.

Michael was momentarily surprised but shrugged it off. Elra continues on and speaks of something about dragons or something as well as the war but Michael did not truly
comprehend its nature as he had fallen asleep at the time she decided to speak.

Sometime during the course of his sleep he woke up to "Now do you understand?"
Michael did not know what to say but just nodded, nothing worse than torture but pure boredom.

Chapter 15

After Ritter had gone back, Farley had contacted the organization straight away. The organization had decided quickly at that point to dispatch a bounty hunter to hunt for Kaiten.

Such a dangerous
individual should not be left to roam wherever he pleases
especially not to bring any more harm to the Priestess of the Seal.

The name of the hunter was Prancing Horse, a policeman from the U.S. by trade but
sometimes a bounty hunter for the Organization. There is no need for Farley to make contact with him for it is likely that the protection of the Priestess of the Seal has been compromised.

Prancing Horse will make his capture and return back to the Organization with a limited amount of casualties and the least harm done to the community.

Farley hopes that this news will settle down Carla who was obviously under a huge amount of strain.

Chapter 16

Rozek had just been through a grilling of a lifetime, the Master Kai Long was not happy with his progress to retrieve the amulets and other artifacts.

But it seems that with Master Kai Long’s connections he was able to find out that a bounty hunter, under the name of Running Horse, will be sent to capture Kaiten, the ninja now branded traitor.

Master Long had apparently made a deal with one of the higher ups of the
Organization who was not overly fond of the Kage of the Black Panther Clan to send Callyn as a partner to Running Horse, where accidents may happen and Kaiten will be erased forever from

He had been facing the wall but, now he turns back to the arrogant Callyn, who merely smirks at him "You have been given the go ahead, you know what to do."

Chapter 17

Kaiten found himself staggering along the road,
without any form of sustenance available to him, this was a long hike and for him not knowing the area, it felt like an even longer hike.

He had been walking for four days straight without
stopping or resting, not really trying to gain as much time as possible in order to keep himself alive. This was most unfortunate for he was no where near any form of civilization. He could feel the cramp set in and he staggered once then collapsed. His lips were parched and his face red from the sunburn, not to mention the previous wounds from the fight with the Corrupted Protector.

He could not believe how far he had fallen, this was just not happening to him. How can this place be so hot?

It was pure luck that Allan was driving along the road toward home, way out into the country. Allan was the kind of guy that would pick up any form of injured and wounded animals and nurse them back to health. Luckily for Kaiten, his list includes humans.

It was getting kind of dark and it was very hard to see when Allan was driving along that dark road. There were no lights on which would make it extremely difficult for any one trying to trek across this road toward any form of civilization, luckily for him he was in a four wheel drive.

There was some kind of lump on the side of the road; it seems to be moving. It must have been another almost road kill, drivers never look where they are going nowadays and have no respect for nature.

He slowly decelerated his car and parked it at the side of the lump. He pulls out the torch form the glove compartment and opens the door to step out. Allan shines his torch over the lump and stares for a moment, it was a human and it was wearing jeans and a dark jacket, something totally inappropriate to wear during this heat, and from what he could tell this man seemed to be heavily wounded.

He looked at his mobile phone and sighed, there was no chance of getting reception around here, the best course of action was to take the guy home and see what can be done for him.

With a heavy sigh, Allan walks up to the unconscious man and hefts him across his
shoulders. The man was heavy and that made him reel but, he was a farm boy and he had heft many sacks of grain before, this was no different only heavier that’s all.

Walking to the other side of the door, he pushed the
wounded stranger in, buckled him in and closed the door. He walks around the car and reenters his seat, he looks again at the stranger and buckles himself in. He needs to get home quickly and dress this man’s wounds or the man’s life may be in even more danger.

The car drove off a bit faster than usual but at a safe pace, this was no place to be loitering around at night, especially with someone wounded sitting next to you.

Chapter 18

The road was bumpy but from what Running Horse had found out this was the way to where Kaiten had disappeared from. Sure enough there were signs of a huge fight along the road. A small crater lies on the edge of the road.

Callyn stood behind him whistling to himself, without a care in the world. Running
Horse shrugged at this and went back to do a search. The sun was glaringly bright but the trail was obvious, there were blood everywhere, even in the crater itself. No scent could be picked up though as everything seemed to have dried out but, all that is needed is to follow the trail of blood.

It was really odd though that the murderer, a ninja, would not even bother covering his tracks unless of course he was too injured to even consider it. Which brought to mind if he was as overpowering and ferocious as they said why was he so
wounded? But, nevertheless, why would he start to doubt the word of the Organization now?

Riding in the jeep he could see that the tracks keep leading down the road for about 50 kilometres where it suddenly stopped. He looked to Callyn to see what he would do but, all he did was whistle calmly to himself while resting both his feet on the dashboard.

He shrugged it off and searched the area, the ninja seemed to have fallen here, where from the marks in the dirt show that he was dragged
somewhere or even heft over someone's shoulder. In any case it seems he had been picked up by someone.

Running Horse moved back a bit in surprise as Callyn finally made a move for the first time.

His contact stood there for a long while then reached out to where the rogue ninja had fallen, his right hand searching for something, then the a large scab of blood seemed to jump into his hand, the scab liquefied into its watery state and began to shift in front of his eyes.

Running Horse has never seen a power like this before but, continues to stare as the now liquefied blood continues to mold into a bloody arrow, a look of concentration seems to overcome Callyn and the arrow spins about as if searching for a target. Soon the arrow was pointing to an off beaten track heading somewhere into the forest lining the edge of the road.

Callyn nods and shows his hand to Running Horse, where Callyn blew on the arrow once and it lift up from his palm and begin to float in a certain direction.

Chapter 19

Kaiten lay injured but was finally recovering because of the help of the other man and what seem to be his parents. He was bound from foot to shoulder in a heavy bandage wrap.

Surrounding him were various animals, birds, bats and other, some he recognized, some he didn't. It seems he had been rescued by a good Samaritan of some kind.

The guy's name was Allan, he runs an ecology tour here showing tourists the
wonders of nature and he found Kaiten at the side of the road where he decided that it was best to help him and cure his wounds.

There were no questions asked and Kaiten did not care to tell them any unasked answer knowing full well if they were to ask he could not answer anyway. They are mere innocents who could and should not be harmed.

Allan had brought in soup and left the room, apparently he had work to do.

Chapter 20

Allan was out weeding when a jeep pulled up at the front of the house. He was not fond of strangers especially unannounced strangers. So he walked up to where the man was, taking along his air rifle.

The jeep came to a halt just in front of Allan, the car door opened and two men jumped out. One dressed completely in black and the other wearing a tan overcoat.

"Hello," the man in the overcoat says to him, he pulls out a piece of paper with a picture on it. The picture shows an Asian man on the front "We are looking for this fellow..." But, before Running Horse could finish his sentence, Callyn had appeared in front of Allan and lifted him bodily up by the shirt "Tell me where he is, I know he is here."

Running Horse frowns at this but, he was partnered up with the guy, perhaps a more direct method was necessary here.

"As if I am going to tell you!" Allan says, it was a good thing that neither of his parents were here, for they could be in severe danger from what he could sense is happening at the moment.

"Stop!" Kaiten limped out of the doorway, this has gone long enough, this was not the man's fight it was his.

Kaiten did not know who they were, neither did he care, he reached for his amulet and felt the pain course through his body but he pulled the amulet free anyway, and yelled "Release!" Once again the sphere of
darkness wrapped about him, and a panther shot from his chest only to retrace its step and jump back into him. The panther merged with him, while the sphere contracted turning itself into black and red ninja armor. In his hand he held a blazing black and red katana.

Kaiten fell into a stance grimacing hard as the pain lanced through several muscles. Allan just stared, while for some reason Callyn merely smirked.

"So what they say is true!" Running Horse says and mumbles "release", the effect unlike Kaiten was instantaneous, the man blurred out and into existence, a wide cowboy hat sat on his head with two guns
hanging off his belt holster.

Chapter 21

Callyn went back into the jeep while the two protectors eyed each other.

Running Horse rests his hands on the handles of his revolvers, rolling back and forth on the ball of his feet, while Kaiten watches him wearily.

Kaiten points the Katana at Running Horse with its blade facing upward, while standing sideways to meet the bounty hunter. Ordinarily he would wait out the battle but he could feel his strength depleting now even though he had the amulet to help heal his wounds.

Speaking quietly under his breath, Kaiten says "Rush Release", and his armor began to glow crimson, his entire form wavers and disappears like a mist.

Running Horse, taken by surprise, pulls out his guns immediately and parries the blade that appears right in front of his face just in time.

"Hyper Slasher!" Kaiten cried out and a crimson red arc appeared in front of Running
Horse but the bounty hunter was much quicker and shouted
"Double Barrel Shoot Out" and a bullet strikes at the blade before it could cleave him in two
sending Kaiten a bit off balance.

Running Horse dug his heels in and mumbled "Rush" and he gained the same speed that Kaiten had "Six Star Shooter" and six loud bangs were heard, the bullets sending the blade of the Katana back and almost striking the ninja.

"Shadow Mist" and Kaiten became surrounded by a black mist covering his tracks. Running Horse stood stock still, his sense of smell would save him, as Kaiten once again
appeared behind his back but he moved too slowly and he was cut across the back but, he already had the fight figured out.

Running Horse waited until the last moment and took the blow but moved only so
slightly so that it would only be a grazing blow. "Six Star Shootout Rush" and a flurry of gunfire sent Kaiten flying back onto the

Running Horse was unable to finish the fight as Allan had finally stood up and
fearlessly blocked his way with his own body. The amulet
clanked onto the ground next to Allan's feet.

"Please stop this, he is already wounded he can't fight anymore." Allan said.

"I will stop only when he, the target, is acquired," Running Horse said simply. Allan shook his head not really sure what he was getting himself into but, he could feel his knees shaking as he leaned down to pick up the amulet.

"I will stop you," he said finally.

Not to sure of himself but, taking up the amulet in his hand anyway he says "Release". A gust of wind suddenly blew what was left of the mist away and the trees and grass begin to sway. A gentle wind wrapped around his entire body and lifted him up in the air where his form began to blur, when everything settles down, the air rifle in his hand had morphed into a bow, his entire body wrapped in a green and yellow cloth armor and at his back a quilt full of arrows; his face completely hidden by a same colored hood.

Chapter 22

Running Horse took a step back not quite certain how to handle this new threat. Allan, on the other hand, though never before having gone through such transformation, the affinity
between him and the amulet's power was so great that he seems to know what could be done with it already. Reaching out his right hand he bent his knee down and laid his palm on Kaiten's chest. It was a slow process but the ninja's body begin to heal.

Callyn smirks and begins to make a move out of the jeep but Running Horse made a motion with his hand for Callyn to stop what he was about to do. Callyn just merely shrugged and went back to sit in the car.

But the damage was already done. Allan disappear in a fluttering of leaves with Kaiten still laying wounded and semiconscious on the ground.

Running Horse knew this would be no ordinary fight, the affinity with the amulet was so great that he could not believe the power he was feeling from the new Ranger, and he knew he was being hunted.

Allan, the man was no longer there, but, Allan the Ranger, his power had come to him and now it was him. With the word "Rush" he became nothing more than wind in the forest. Moving beyond the trees at an incredible pace and
shooting never ending amounts of arrows at his target.

The Bounty Hunter could sense where he was but just barely but, even then it feels as if the Ranger was all over the place, the arrows appear out of nowhere, from the air, from under the shrubs and from the branches of the trees.

Running Horse was stuck in the middle and firing at the arrows barely breaking and dodging them in time. This was too much, so much power for one so inexperienced yet with such skills.

There must have been thousands of arrows flying at him, there was no way to dodge them all but, as he closes his eyes, the arrows vanish turning into nothing but mere illusions, with one of the arrows suddenly changing into the form of Allan, and with his right fist, swung his right hook at Running Horse and downed the Bounty Hunter.

Kaiten had already
awakened by this point and could not believe what he was seeing. Only briefly gaining the power of the amulet had made this man nearly unstoppable.

Running Horse stood up still a bit dazed and looked at him, there was no choice then but he couldn't finish his thought process.

"You know you are so slow," said Callyn as he stood over the still wounded form of Kaiten, a blade of blood in his hand. "Pierce" and the blade suddenly elongated and lanced deep into the flesh of Kaiten who screamed out in pain.

Chapter 23

"What are you doing Callyn? We are not here to kill him, we are here to capture him," Running Horse demanded but, all to no avail as the blood blade continued to stab into Kaiten who continuously screamed out in pain but could no longer move due to the strain the fighting had put on his body.

The Corrupted Protector then says "You may not be here to kill him but, I am and to kill you too might I add," and he begins to laugh maniacally. Allan moved to defend Kaiten but, Running Horse’s hand stayed him, "No, I have been used, this is my fight"

"Hyper Rush," said Running Horse, while Callyn stepped back with his eyes wide open. "Shit!" and then
immediately he says, "Rel..." unable to finish his sentence he was immediately sent flying by a hail of flaming bullets as
Running Horse finally did what he was going to do to defend against Allan "One Thousand Blazing Star Shootout!!!"

All of a sudden Allan reverted back to his normal form, the fight had completely drained him and made him near faint.

"Come on we have to get out of here," said Running Horse as he motioned to the jeep but, before they could do anything, a laugh rings out. "You think such toys can hurt me?” Callyn was standing there, bleeding from various spots, "Release," he says and the blood spills out of him forming an armor of blood around him.

Knowing this was going to be a tougher fight than he thought, he pulled his keys out of his pocket and tossed them to Allan, who was semi-supporting Kaiten helping him stand on his feet.

"Go," Running Horse says, Allan made a move as if to help but, Running Horse stopped him. "No, you are of no further help here; you are too weak from the fight." Allan tried to refuse but, seeing the shape that Kaiten was in, could only agree and begin to move toward the Jeep.

Callyn suddenly said "Rush," and blazed forward in a trail of crimson streak. Running Horse said "Hyper Rush," and pulled out his guns and shouted his final move…"Blazing
Cannon," and the guns
transformed into a huge cannon and shot a huge flaming ball of fire at Callyn.

"Is that all you got?"

Callyn asked but, Running Horse was able to do what he wanted, the Jeep was on its way out of there.

Chapter 24

Kaiten sits in the jeep going back and forth between consciousness and
unconsciousness. He could once again feel the amulet around his neck once more and it was a good thing because it was
helping him heal at a faster pace.

This was not what he wanted, not at all but, yet this is what it was turning out to be.

Allan drove the jeep as best he could while fighting off sleep so that he may reach his destination. Michael, his best friend, would be able to provide lodging, a temporary one if at all.

In the meantime, Callyn was finding it hard to believe that he was actually losing, the hail of bullets were inexhaustible and his armor was finally being

The Blood Armor was refusing to hold its form anymore and he sank down bleeding away his lifeblood.

Running Horse stood triumphant over his opponent, gritting his teeth, trying not to let his enemy know that he too was at the last drop of stamina.

He knew from the start of the fight that if he managed to hold out against one who used their own blood as an armor they would be unable to keep up. He watched as Callyn finally lay still and walk tiredly toward the house.

Callyn had never been so humiliated but, he was not about to die, his blood seeped back in and his wounds began to heal. Running Horse would pay and he would pay dearly but, for now he will let this go.

Chapter 25

Elra beat Michael on the head, the umpteenth time, as he failed once again in summoning the power of the amulet. Carla had mentioned to her what had happened during the trip to Farley's Eden, when Michael suddenly exploded into a giant sphere of light and became a knight in shining armor with a pair of white feathery wings, and a long white blazing spear.

But she does not
understand why now he was unable to call out the amulet of release power even though he has been saying the word "Release" now close to one hundred times and each time he fails she would use Farley's Staff to whack him on the head, to discourage him on failing.

The house has now turned back to look more like a house than the hell it use to be, though by all means it does not look the same as it originally did. But this was little comfort for Michael as he was still continuously being whacked across the head for failing to transform, however, it seems after the transformation, some powers seem to have emerged from his untransformed self. For example his speed and strength seem to have magnified so did his constitution and regenerative ability.

But that was a load of good since he was still pretty much unemployed, no they did not fire him for that incident but, the job is still shut, so therefore he is just not getting paid and therefore he was barely surviving on microwave food.

It has been ages since he talked to Allan, maybe it was time to give him a ring. He reaches for the phone then
realizes that his connection was still dead, that damn wizard still hasn't fixed the line yet.

Then a horn beeps at the front of his house, making Elra cease her continuous hitting.

"Michael!" there was a shout from the front "Help!"

He rushed out of the house quickly before Elra, Carla, and the rest of the Protector Gang could stop him.

Standing outside he was surprised to see a heavily
wounded man being semi-carried by Allan who seems extremely exhausted and who was standing in the front of an unfamiliar jeep.

Something had happened to his friend to make him look this way and what had happened to the stranger he had no clue but because his friend was
supporting him, he just had to help.

He almost went to the stranger’s side when Elra appeared, an unknown
expression on her face.

"Kaiten," she says "Stand back Michael, that man is
dangerous," this halted Michael in his tracks.

Elra, still with Farley's staff in hand, quickly did a diagonal slash with it toward Kaiten but, a tired Allan jumped in front as if to take the blow meant for the stranger.

Michael had no idea what was going on but rage filled him once more, he would not see his friend hurt. A sphere of
incredible power suddenly
exploded from where he stood, sending both the Jeep and the house, as well as the people, flying.

Michael stood there looking at the wreckage of his house, as well as the unconscious group of people lying far from his feet. Kaiten and Allan in even worst shape than before wonder if coming here was the right thing to do.

Michael frowned at what seems to be the wreckage of his house. How was he supposed to explain this to his parents?

Chapter 26

When Farley finally came to he could see Michael looking extremely crestfallen then he saw the house which had exploded, he realized what had happen, as he briefly recalls the power that was unleashed from Michael, only few moments before.

He, without thinking, grabbed his staff and starts the incantation, the shredded house suddenly and instantaneously rebuild, however, the effect was too good and it had formed a castle. What the hell was this? First it was totally ineffective and now it was too effective.

As he looks at Michael he can still see somewhat of a glow still surrounding the reluctant protector. Allan and Kaiten were sitting side by side. Allan seems to be asleep but, Kaiten was healing somewhat, due mainly to the Amulet’s power.

Elra seems to be eyeing Kaiten but, did not make a move to injure him. Carla just stood there as if totally unsure of herself. Farley did not
understand what had happened during the time he was out but, it must have been important.

"They are innocent, Allan wouldn't help anyone who was not, he is not the sort," Michael said. Kaiten just looks at the man then looks at the castle and winces.

Michael just shrugged it off, a castle was still much better than the entrance to hell, "You guys should rest up, it looks like we don't have much time" Michael says.

Chapter 27

Rozek stood there
shaking from pure anger, he couldn't even lash out at anything anymore such as was the anger pouring through him, two of his best defeated or failed
continuously one after the other. He turns to stare at Ritter who look like he has some kind of determination in him, while the normally arrogant Callyn looks downward.

Kai Long was so
unimpressed with his progress that the Corrupted Dragon had dispatched two other Corrupted Protectors to assist him in the elimination of these

The two of them just stood there ignoring everything he was saying for they were not here to follow his command, as Kai Long has made that very clear toward them but to assist in the completion of the task.

Wei Lee and Kokuryu stood there in complete contrast of one another. Wei Lee had short, black hair and was dressed in black Chinese cloth, and Kokuryu wearing a white suit and tie, and who had long, blonde hair and blue eyes.

Though they physically contrast, the same look of danger emanates greatly from them, enough to send shivers down many dark wizards’ spines.

"Kai Long is displeased with you all, so now I will join the battle, we will wipe them all out, to the very last of them, even the women," Rozek said, while the two that were sent just

Chapter 28


"Are you sure about this?" Carla asks to Michael.

"Yeah," Michael replied "They are gonna find us anyway, we might as well face them head on, besides there is no other place to run, like you said they can simply dowse for us anyway so we will go to them."

"He's right," says Running Horse who had arrived just after the house was turned into a castle. "Besides they have that guy that can control blood."

Elra, sitting opposite Kaiten, just eyed at him while Kaiten did the same. The bus was big but not uncomfortable. Allan was the driver while
Michael sits just behind him. Carla did the dowsing and
Running Horse sat beside Kaiten.

Carla watches the
necklace sway to and fro on the map until it finally settles on one of the business areas, Michael frowns at the spot where the necklace pointed. It was one of the new towers for an energy drink company. It belongs to Rozek or some such, it was all over the news because he was a billionaire from Russia. By bringing his business here, he would have given out lots of jobs to the community.

This could not be a worse situation because it would mean there will be a lot of people there, and if a fight breaks out, a lot of innocent people could be hurt, but, if they do not act now, even more people could be hurt still.

It was only a half hour drive but, they made it, the tower was huge and looked to be at least twenty floors. Michael and Allan look at each other and then walked to the doorway where the door automatically slid open, the other five people just piled in after them.

The receptionist at the front desk looks up for a brief moment and went back to talk on the phone, ignoring the party completely.

Michael and Allan look at each other and decide to just walk towards the lift.

"Sorry the lift is out of order," said the receptionist. She continued with a bored look on her face, "Also please sign in before going up." A brief and uneasy feeling swept through the party but, Michael just walks up to where the receptionist was and looked for a pen. The
receptionist eyes him up and down, and takes out a knife and plunges it down hard on the desk. "Please sign in blood," she says with a menacing voice.

The lights blink out and the receptionist grows huge and hair sprouts from her back and then she became hunched over, claws appearing from her
fingernails, and black leather wings appear from her back.

Michael sighed and spoke "Okay but its really going to hurt when I take out all of yours," and he grins too. Allan just stares blankly, what had come over his friend?

"Release!!!!" Michael yelled, then silence, as nothing happens. "Errr...Plan!!!" and Michael sped off toward the lift at an incredible rate. "The lift does not work," she screamed behind him as she went to tackle him but was stopped by a hail of gunfire from Running Horse which caused her to lay dead in her own pool of blood.

The alarm soon went off and everything was chaos. Staff members, mostly consisting of monsters were appearing from everywhere and from various rooms, and also from the stairs.

A monster jumps out at Michael, swiping its claws at him but, he smacked it once sending it flying into a wall, breaking through it and out into the

Allan did not bother to check on the status of his friend but, did what he had just said and ran. Kaiten and Running Horse had achieved their transformation and were hacking and shooting their way toward the top of the stairs while Michael and Allan both ran for their lives and
surprisingly both were beating Kaiten and Running Horse up the steps.

While Allan did not have much firepower he did have speed and he was in fact waiting for his friend to smack some random monsters down the flight of stairs.

Following after Running Horse and Kaiten was Carla and again backed by both Elra and Farley. Elra now a red and gold warrior holding a scythe was kicking them down the stairs. Farley on the other hand was blasting away at them with his magic turning them into purple mushrooms where ever he goes.

They were now at the fifth floor with even more
monsters guarding the floor, surprisingly, Michael was doing a lot of good sending various monsters to the pavement below as he physically tossed them out through the glass walls.

"Okay whose big idea was it to run up the stairs?" Allan asked and Michael winces on cue. "We must have run non-stop for fifteen levels now with still no sign of this Rozek, aside from this my legs feel as if they are about to drop off," said Allan.

"Not to mention there are still trolls and goblins following behind us as we go," said Kaiten in a very non-amused manner.

As they made it up to the nineteenth floor they now were completely exhausted and glaring at Michael unforgivingly.

A man in his mid-thirties with ruddy brown hair, and with a goatee appeared, "The name is Rozek, nice to meet you," he said as his eyes turn to a very
exhausted Carla and flicks his wrist at her, and she was
suddenly flung out through the glass wall by some unseen force.

Michael jumps, without thinking, to follow her down her path.

Rozek grabs the amulet around his neck and says
"Release" and a huge cloud of darkness swept over him where it remains as a formless mass surrounding the man.

Allan reaches for an amulet which was not there, only to find Running Horse throwing something at him, "I got a spare, use that."

Allan once again said the word "Release", though it still seems strange to him, and once again, the wind swept over him once and then he was again standing as a ranger.

Allan holds his bow up and nocks an arrow at Rozek but a man in a white suit appears also knocking him out through a window. Kokuryu, still not transformed but holding his own and continue in mid-air to
wrestle with Allan on the way down.

Wei Lee charged out of the door in a black blur and kicks at Elra, but Elra parries only to have her scythe snapped in half by the edge of the man's palm.

Callyn appears already covered in his blood armor "Its payback time," he says while holding two large jars of
something. Callyn drops the jars which break on the ground spilling the contents everywhere but, only for a brief time as the contents immediately solidify and turn into two blades of blood.

Ritter eyed Kaiten, both men in their transformed state while Farley eyed off Rozek.

Rozek just stares at the turtle and starts to laugh, "And you expect me to take you seriously?" he asked before he was tossed aside by the gentle force of the wizard.

Farley, the turtle, continues walking forward to where Rozek had fallen leaving the other protectors behind to fight their own battles.

Chapter 29

Running Horse has no time for this so he releases his ultimate form and says, "Chain Gun Massacre" and a hail of bullets hit Callyn full in the chest but, the bullets were not enough to pierce the thicker than ever blood armor.

Callyn laughs and rushes at the man swinging his sword in a wide arc but, the armor made him heavy and he was
considerably slowed down. Grabbing Elra’s broken scythe that had fallen to the ground, he cut Callyn in half and waited for a satisfied thud.

Elra now bereft of her main weapon pulls out twin katanas from her back and starts to fight off the incredibly fast Wei Lee. His strikes were fast and furious, striking her pressure point making her almost useless as she fell silently to the ground.

Kaiten and Ritter
continue to stare at each other both suddenly yelling "Hyper Rush" and Kaiten yelling once more "Supreme", where he suddenly turns completely red and slashes mercilessly at his opponent, striking more than a thousand times on the flesh of Ritter. As he finally finished "May you die a thousand deaths," he says finally and Ritter
exploded into a mass of blood.

Chapter 30

"Release!!!" Michael had cried out and finally everything around him swirled in a static of energy, transforming him in midair. He reaches out with his hand grabbing Carla before she
plummeted to her death.

As he held her to him, he flew back up with his mighty wings. Back to where the room was.

Kokuryu and Allan continue to beat each other up in the air. Kokuryu still has yet to transform while Allan was tiring from the fight, unable to fight anymore he plummeted
downward with Kokuryu still in tow.

Farley fought hard against Rozek but he was on his last leg. There was just too much difference in powers that he could not win. With one last incantation, a huge energy burst exploded outward vaporising all within its range.

Which means half of Wei Lee’s body was suddenly gone and so was Callyn’s who
somehow managed to stand up. Unfortunately for Farley, that too was his last spell; the power just completely destroyed his body.

Rozek protected in a barrier he just erected just barely escaped the blast. Everything was in ruin.

Rozek staggered out to meet them, his power completely dissipated, this failure was too much. "No!!!" he screamed out.

Chapter 31

Finally making his way to the top, Michael regarded the scene, he knew Allan had gone past him and this pissed him off greatly. He gently let Carla go and looked at the crazed leader of the place just before he was suddenly lifted out into the air by some unseen force, destroying the ceiling as he was dragged up.

Kai Long had watched this fight too long, the man had failed him too much, now to take matters into his own hand as he crush the life out of Rozek, he felt a little satisfied. The body dropped to the floor nothing more than a bloody mess.

If this continued any further he would start to look bad in front of the group. He has to handle this himself it seems.

He floated down into the next room down and stared at the carnage, most of his underlings were dead or dying but, luckily, it seems the little annoyance seems to be too. All except for one who stands there looking defiantly at him.

Michael looks at him straight in the eye and says "I don't know who you are but looking at you severely pisses me off!"

Kai Long stares at the only remaining resistance and flicks his wrist which caused Michael to be sent sliding backward by about an inch, his entire body glowing from the power being released.

"You know your friend is either dying or dead, there is no longer a need for you to fight, why do you do it?" asks Kai Long.

"Oh shut up," and
Michael rushes at him aiming the spear at the man’s torso. Kai Long dodges easily and flicks his wrist at the man sending him further this time than before.

Looking a bit annoyed, Kai Long punches out at the air with his left hand sending Michael through the glass wall this time but, Michael merely floats in the air looking at Kai Long and he asks "Is that all you got?"

"Nom" Kai Long says and launches himself at Michael this time slashing his hand
downward like a claw. Michael barely dodges it but he still could feel the pain as the air just sliced through his skin. Michael moved even faster in the air and for some reason the fight had now become an airborne fight. Both dodging and striking at each other, nothing less than a brawl, but each time they rushed at each other they would vanish from sight as they were so fast.

"I have had enough," Kai Long says "Dark Dragon
Awaken," and in his place a huge dragon appears in mid-air. He says "Dragon Breath" and he let out a breath of fire so huge that it begins to wipe out buildings and leaving only stumps. People below were running and
screaming now that they could see what was happening.

The fire had touched Michael and he could barely stand the firepower. He fell downward, unable to fight
anymore, he was completely exhausted fighting his way up the floors. On his way down he could see Allan lying there broken on the ground. People were milling about as he fell. Everything had failed but, he was reminded by everyone that had fallen, he too could not fall. By sheer will power alone he found himself floating in the air once more.

He looks up at the dragon and rushes upward to meet his nemesis, risking his entire life force he rushed forward like a holy lance at the dark dragon. The amulets within the seal reacted suddenly to his feelings, sending out all the energy within them into his body. The other amulets reacted too and he was set aflame with holy light. Kai Long only saw the lance coming to him and did not have time to dodge it. The lance pierces through his chest and continues out through his back. In the end Kai Long fell downward onto the pavement below destroying a sum of buildings.

Michael watches on, amazed but, now he was spent, his entire body dissipated into thin air as he was overloaded with power. The now conscious Carla watches on at the hero's death; shedding a tear as he finally left.

Chapter 32

As he dies, his soul was sent upward into the heavens above. In the air, he was
shapeless and without mass. In the clouds they were there watching him. Some of the clouds break apart and change into huge serpents, then there were more of them until the clouds were gone and only dragons remained.

They spoke without speaking. “So, you have finally arrived, you were lost to us and now you are found again but, we can not accept you nor your friend”, at which statement there suddenly appeared a turtle.

“You are too human for your own good so to earth again shall you be sent, in a new body though for your’s was destroyed, and so was his.”

A beam of light came from above and struck him and the turtle, sending them down to the ground below. He could see them gathering at the foot of the tower.

His form began to change and grew as he became human once more in roughly the same shape he was before, however, his hair continued to grow longer and longer, down to his waist. He was wrapped completely in a white golden robe and he could hear the arrr and awwwwww from the crowd. The turtle had changed to Farley again, looking slightly less mediocre and more wise than before.

Michael just could not help himself and said "and let there be light" and half the crowd fainted.

He looks around and surprisingly finds Allan still very much alive though he looked worse for wear. The others in their little group were also there while Carla came running at him at full speed laughing and crying at the same time. She tackled him to the ground. ‘Right, she is definitely mad’, he thought.


His parents had come back to find the house looking like a castle but, luckily for him, he was at work at the time. The call centre had no clue that he was the cause of the fire so he wasn't blamed.

Carla was his girlfriend now even though he still finds that a bit weird, her job as
Priestess of the Seal was over as the seal was broken while all the amulets were destroyed.

Running Horse went back to the U.S. to find out why he was sent here in the first place.

Allan is alive and kicking and still continues to run his tour.

Kaiten was called back to Japan while Elra went back with him. It was some sort of clan business.

Farley of course saved the day when he "revealed" to his parents that the castle was a mere illusion cause by his magic tricks and with one wave the castle was turned back into a house.

Everything is good and boredom had finally dissipated.


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