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5. The Red Cloak
"What results? Speak up, Sweetwater."
"None. Every man, woman and boy connected with the hotel has been
questioned; many of them routed out of their beds for the purpose, but not one of
them picked up anything from the floor of the lobby, or knows of any one who
There now remain the guests."
"And after them--(pardon me, Mr. Gryce) the general public which rushed in
rather promiscuously last night."
"I know it; it's a task, but it must be carried through. Put up bulletins, publish your
wants in the papers;--do anything, only gain your end."
A bulletin was put up.
Some hours later, Sweetwater re-entered the room, and, approaching Mr. Gryce
with a smile, blurted out:
"The bulletin is a great go. I think--of course, I cannot be sure --that it's going to
do the business. I've watched every one who stopped to read it. Many showed
interest and many, emotion; she seems to have had a troop of friends. But
embarrassment! only one showed that. I thought you would like to know."
"Embarrassment? Humph! a man?"
"No, a woman; a lady, sir; one of the transients. I found out in a jiffy all they could
tell me about her."
"A woman! We didn't expect that. Where is she? Still in the lobby?"
"No, sir. She took the elevator while I was talking with the clerk."
"There's nothing in it. You mistook her expression."