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2. I Know The Man
Yet he made no effort to detain Mr. Slater, when that gentleman, under this
renewed excitement, hastily left us. He was not the man to rush into anything
impulsively, and not even the presence of murder could change his ways.
"I want to feel sure of myself," he explained. "Can you bear the strain of waiting
around a little longer, Laura? I mustn't forget that you fainted just now."
"Yes, I can bear it; much better than I could bear going to Adela's in my present
state of mind. Don't you think the man we saw had something to do with this?
Don't you believe--"
"Hush! Let us listen rather than talk. What are they saying over there? Can you
"No. And I cannot bear to look. Yet I don't want to go away. It's all so dreadful."
"It's devilish. Such a beautiful girl! Laura, I must leave you for a moment. Do you
"No, no; yet--"
I did mind; but he was gone before I could take back my word. Alone, I felt the
tragedy much more than when he was with me. Instead of watching, as I had
hitherto done, every movement in the room opposite, I drew back against the wall
and hid my eyes, waiting feverishly for George's return.
He came, when he did come, in some haste and with certain marks of increased
"Laura," said he, "Slater says that we may possibly be wanted and proposes that
we stay here all night. I have telephoned Adela and have made it all right at
home. Will you come to your room? This is no place for you."