Info Product Mania HTML version

Table of Contents
Info Product Mania p.3
What Exactly is a Digital Information Product? p. 4
Distribution Strategies p. 5
Selling Information for Direct Profit p. 5
Using an Affiliate Program p. 5
Distributing Free Info Products for Viral Exposure p. 6
Viral Marketing p. 6
Back-end Sales p. 6
Creating Your Own Info Product p. 7
Your Idea p. 7
Market Research p. 9
Writing Your Own Content p. 10
Basic Tools p. 10
Reference Material Links p. 11
Your Initial Outline p. 11
The Composition Process p. 12
Proofreading and Editing p. 13
Converting Your Product to PDF p. 14
Rebrandable Info Products p. 14
Virtual Packaging and Delivery p. 15
Your First Impression – an eCover for Your Product p. 15
Conclusion p. 16