Influences of Destruction


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There are those in this world that are demon-possessed, but there are so many more who are demon-influenced. This book is written for the servants of God, believers as well as non-believers who want to know whether they carry the symptoms of the demon-influenced. It is high time that we come out of it as we are living in the end times.


This is a rare book. Most of what is written here is true and most of the servants of God fall or backslide due to this problem. I recommend all servants of God to read this book. Heaven is a Holy place and we need to be Holy to reach there. I thank Joshua Gen for this work and hope he will write some more like this.

Lion Heart

I like this author as he is very specific and very direct in what he writes. The biblical quotations and examples are fine as I truly agree with the author that we need to be holy to reach heaven someday as heaven is a holy place where god's throne is. I believe we need to encourage people like this as they have the bolness to speak out when it comes to God's work. Soon I will be making a donation to the author as I will be contacting him on his email address. I wish him good luck.

Frank Reynolds

This book is awful. It is a fire and brimstone diatribe of judgmental, homophobic opinions backed up by quotes from the bible. Maybe the author would do more good for the world if he practiced and preached tolerance and compassion. There is not one iota of evidence to back up the existence of any god, let alone the nasty, sadistic vengeful being depicted here.


Joshua Gen

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