Indian Tribes of Brazil HTML version

The pre-colonization process of what was later to become
the nation of Brazil commenced on April 22, 1500. A fleet of 13
ships containing more than 1000 men under the command of Pedro'
Alvares Cabral anchored off the mouth of the Rio Buranhem on the
Bahia coast. The men would stay anchored in what they called
‘Porto Seguro’ for 9 nine days. The name Brazil would later be
derived from ‘pau Brazil’ a red dye wood that was a major export
in the region.
Cabral was born in Belmonte, Portugal in 1467 or 1468 and
died in 1520. He was a commander, voyager, explorer, and son of
a nobleman. Although he initially thought he had come upon a
large island he later contemplated the possibility that it was a
continent. Cabral had been on an expedition-voyage with the
primary purpose of finding a western route to India. As fate had
it, his fleet of ships was blown off course by a powerful storm.
Believing the land to be within the domain of Portuguese
influence, he claimed possession of the territory in the name of