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Rating: 9.3/10
For those internet users who want to maximize their surfing experience on a minimal budget,
AirSpell’s affordable Pop-Up Blocker 3.0 can certainly get the job done. While it may not have
all the bells and whistles of that other pop-up blocking software programs offer, Pop-Up
Blocker 3.0 has an unbelievably easy to use interface and will hide itself behind your browser,
surprising pop-up advertisements before they surprise you! Once you order Pop-Up Blocker 3.0
from AirSpell’s website, the program will be available for immediate download. Within
seconds, you’ll be on your way to pop-up free surfing without having to figure out any of those
subtle nuances often associated with new and unfamiliar programs. The program opens
automatically on startup and hides in the background, closing pop-up and pop-under windows
before they can get in your way. Since there are no complicated menus or features, you’ll only
know the program is there when you realize that those annoying pop-ups aren’t. If there are
pop-ups you wish to see, simply press “control” on your computer’s keyboard, click the link,
and the window
Pop-Up Blocker 3.0 works with all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, AOL, MSN,
Netscape, and Opera. It also works with all internet providers and blocks pop-ups seamlessly
with any type of internet connection. Best of all, Pop-up Blocker 3.0 counts all of the pop-ups
it kills, so that you can keep track of how the program is working for you. Pop-Up Blocker 3.0
costs just $19.95 and comes with free lifetime upgrades, an unconditional, no-questions asked,
90-day money back guarantee and free customer support. AirSpell promises to answer all
technical support e-mails the same day.
Although this program may not have the award winning recognition or press coverage that
other pop-up blocker’s have enjoyed. AirSpell touts an ever-growing list of satisfied customers
who found relief from pop-up advertisement quickly and easily with Pop-Up Blocker 3.0. The
company’s website offers potential clients the opportunity to read testimonials from these
other customers, including one user who was spared from 117
Pop-Up Blocker is compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows
While Pop-Up Blocker 3.0 may not have those extra options and features that advanced users
look for in their software, it is an affordable and simple solution, particularly for those who
surf the net for pleasure. It does just what claims to do – block pop-up ads