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Rating: 10/10
As a consumer, if you were to put together a wish list of all the features you would look for in
pop-up and spam blocking software, chances are, Panicware’s Pop-Up Stopper and
SpamWasher would fit the bill. The functionality, the versatility, and ease of use, have helped
these award-winning products gain worldwide recognition and have made them
Panicware offers three software choices to suit your needs. Pop-Up Stopper gives users full
control over pop-ups through advanced pop-up and pop-under controls, while allowing pop-ups
based solely upon on your approval. Pop-Up Stopper also logs pop-up statistics, closes error
dialogues automatically and integrates into your browser’s toolbar. It even comes with a variety
of different sounds to make you pop-up stomping experience even
Pop-Up Stopper also integrates a complete browser, windows history and file cleaner, along
with cookie management and a “hot links” bookmark system. Best of all, it works with all
browsers, including AOL, MSN, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla, CompuServe, SBC Yahoo,
NetZero and Juno. It blocks Windows Messenger ads, GAIN spyware ads and desktop pop-
ups. It even blocks those annoying pop-up ads that try to sell you pop-up
Panicware’s SpamWasher is an e-mail filter, which allows users to block spam and
inappropriate e-mail content in any POP-3 account using Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora,
Netscape Mail or Mozilla and works with both Hotmail and MSN. Each of the programs comes
with a $29.95 price tag, but Panicware’s best deal offers both programs for $49.95, giving
consumers the best bang for their buck. Panicware also offers a money back guarantee on all
three packages, as well as free 24-hour tech support and free
Panicware’s pop-up and spam blocking software has garnered praise from an array of trusted
publications including The Wall Street Journal, WinPlanet, The Los Angeles Times, The
Boston Globe, Forbes and Time Magazine. PC World Magazine named Pop-Up Stopper and
SpamWasher, the Internet’s number one download in September 2003 and the software won
the Microsoft & WUGNET “Best Choice Shareware Pick of the Week for Windows XP.” In
fact, it is the only software that has been accepted for sale at retail outlets like CompUSA, Best
Buy, Wal-Mart, Fry’s, Office Depot and
Both programs require Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000 or
Windows XP. If you are a Mac user, Panicware suggests that you contact them prior to
With its affordable price, reliability, money back guarantee, and free 24-hour technical support
system, Pop-Up Stopper and Spam Washer are, hands down, the best pop-up and