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Pop-up advertisers have become the telemarketers of the internet age, sneaking up on their
victims when it’s most inappropriate. We’ve all seen them and, at one time or another, we’ve
all been bothered by them. Sometimes they appear quietly, once in a while, like a slight itch that
can be relieved by a quick click of the mouse. At other times, pop-ups will rain down upon your
desktop in droves, crippling your browser and wasting your time. Sometimes pop-ups are
harmless, offering free mortgage quotes or new investment opportunities, while others riddle
your screen with offense or lewd content that is often inappropriate in most any setting.
The World Wide Web has become a haven for purveyors of the pop-up plague and they seem
to be getting worse every day. If you’re like the millions of other Internet users out there, your
time on the Internet is precious and those pesky pop-ups just don’t seem to care. Whether you
surf for business or pleasure, pop-ups usually don’t have a place in your schedule and using a
pop-up blocker is the best way to maximize your time and get the most out of your browsing
experience, while protecting your computer.
Many leading software companies have heard your cries and, in response, they have come up
with excellent software solutions to block this unwanted behavior. Like any software product,
some are better than others. Some are easy to use, while others can be daunting; some block
unwanted content better than others; and some are affordable, while others do nothing more than
whack you where it hurts – in the wallet! So how do you pick the product that’s right for you?
We’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing a pop-up blocker. Through extensive testing and
research, we have provided a comprehensive review of nine of the most popular popup
blocking software solutions on the market today. Our reviews are based software performance,
versatility, cost and support, as well as consumer and expert evaluations. Each product is given
a rating from 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst choice and ten being the best.
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