Increasing Your Computer's Performance the Easy Way HTML version

Chapter 1-Taking out the trash
(1) Remove old programs-The simple fact is the more programs you have installed the worse your computer will run.
Programs take up space on your hard drive and make changes to your operating system for better or for worse. It
makes no sense to have applications installed on your computer that aren’t serving a purpose. So if you are not using
them they have to go.
Open your Control Panel and click on Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features if you are a Vista user.
Uninstall all the programs you are not using.
(2) Running Disk Clean up-Life is busy enough and this book is all about doing things the easy way. With that in
mind let me introduce you to Disk Clean up. In My Computer right click on your C drive and select Properties.
Now select Disk Clean up then the drive you would like to clean.
Disk Clean up removes temp files, Downloaded program files as well as optional components you are not using, and
even empties your recycle bin. To start Disk Clean up just click OK