Increasing Your Computer's Performance the Easy Way HTML version

Increasing Your Computer’s Performance the Easy Way
For Windows Vista/2007 and XP
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Disclaimer- Please follow this tutorial very carefully. I accept no responsibility for what my instructions will do to your computer
or operating system.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Taking Out the Trash- Removing unnecessary files and programs along with basic system
maintenance tasks.
Chapter 2: The Windows Registry- How to keep your Windows Registry Error Free
Chapter 3: Increasing Your Performance- System optimization and tweaks
Chapter 4: Internet Explorer- Tips and tricks to boost Internet Explorer’s performance
Chapter 5: Software- All in one utilities for System maintenance, Registry Cleaning and Optimization
Take Back Control of Your Computer
Would you like your computer to run as fast as it did the very first day you brought it home? I have created an easy to
follow step by step tutorial that will get your computer running great again. Through out this tutorial you will learn ba-
sic system maintenance tasks, how to clean and edit your windows registry, boost internet explorer’s performance, and
optimize your system. If at any time you feel these tasks are too difficult or time consuming then read ahead to
Chapter 5. I have provided links to the most reputable yet affordable all in one software options that are capable of
completing these tasks for you.