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Little Known Fact
People don’t realize that the internet is the great equalizer.
Colonel Winchester once said, "God created man, I made them all
equal." The same is true of the web. Search engines don’t know or care
if you are building your web presence wearing a thousand dollar suit in
your corner office on Wall Street or sitting in your underwear at the
kitchen table working on your laptop.
The world wide web is all about information and affiliate online
marketing makes it easy and no risk. I’ll be touching on it later. Whether
you are a brain surgeon, a high school teacher or a dishwasher at a truck
stop, you have knowledge that can be useful to others, knowledge you
can charge money for sharing.
"Hey, What do you know?"
Maybe all you’ve ever done is look after 2 ailing parents.
Congratulations! You are an expert in taking care of ailing parents!
There’s a big market for that knowledge. Find one you like and make it