Income Plan HTML version

(I’ll be giving you the exact wording of that email later on in this ebook.)
Not very professional I agree, but it was exactly what was required,
because the following 48 hours resulted in me banking £2,500 (well it
actually went into my Paypal account then my bank account a few days
later). Unfortunately only half this money was mine, but still not bad for
two days work.
The Ebay seller was someone I’d never contacted before. A total stranger
except for the fact that I knew of him because I’d spent some time
browsing the listings.
Still I had no doubt that he would reply, even if it was a polite ‘no’.
In reality there was little chance of a ‘no’ really – would you say no to an
email that suggested you could make a lump sum in two days from your
own product? At the very least you’d want to hear more.
(Don’t worry this will all make sense soon.)
So my new Ebay seller friend replied and we quickly sorted out a 50-50
split on a deal and I spent an hour or so writing another email. I also set a
few other things up – a web site, Paypal button and a download page - took
another couple of hours.
(I’ll give you the wording for the second email too.)
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