Income 4 Beginners HTML version

Thank you for taking the time to download my e-book.
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Every other site you’ve been to before insists that you pay them before they’ll let you in on
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They want your money first upfront and only then will they tell you what you’re getting in
I’m not interested in playing silly deceitful games like that.
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Become an affiliate of anything!
Speak to anyone (either in email or telephone, or any other way)!
Share any of the money you make (you keep 100% every time)!
Give refunds (there’s no such thing with this system)!
Learn anything new (even a brainless clown could easily do this)!
Oh and by the way, this is not:
A gifting program!
A Pyramid scheme!
Network Marketing!
An Affiliate program!
A 2 up or 1 up program or any of that other crap you see so often!
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