In the Shadow of the Glen HTML version

In the Shadow of the Glen
First performed at the Molesworth Hall, Dublin, October 8th, 1903.
DAN BURKE (farmer and herd) . George Roberts
NORA BURKE (his wife) . . . Maire Nic Shiubhlaigh
MICHEAL DARA (a young herd) . P. J. Kelly
A TRAMP . . . . . . . . W. G. Fay
SCENE. -- {The last cottage at the head of a long glen in County Wicklow.
Cottage kitchen; turf fire on the right; a bed near it against the wall with a body
lying on it covered with a sheet. A door is at the other end of the room, with a low
table near it, and stools, or wooden chairs. There are a couple of glasses on the
table, and a bottle of whisky, as if for a wake, with two cups, a teapot, and a
home-made cake. There is another small door near the bed. Nora Burke is
moving about the room, settling a few things, and lighting candles on the table,
looking now and then at the bed with an uneasy look. Some one knocks softly at
the door. She takes up a stocking with money from the table and puts it in her
pocket. Then she opens the door.}
TRAMP {Outside.} Good evening to you, lady of the house.
Good evening, kindly stranger, it's a wild night, God help you, to be out in the rain
TRAMP It is, surely, and I walking to Brittas from the Aughrim fair.
NORA Is it walking on your feet, stranger?
TRAMP On my two feet, lady of the house, and when I saw the light below I
thought maybe if you'd a sup of new milk and a quiet decent corner where a man
could sleep {he looks in past her and sees the dead man.} The Lord have mercy
on us all!
NORA It doesn't matter anyway, stranger, come in out of the rain.
TRAMP {Coming in slowly and going towards the bed.} Is it departed he is?