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In Whose Name?
A collection of essays & poetry examining the Towers of
Babel and houses of God man has raised throughout his history. In
both deadly serious and tongue-in-cheek fashion, the touchy subject
of "higher powers" is subjected to inspection, dissection and at
times, rather rude questioning of godly (and human) motives.
Poems poke fun at mortals and gods alike, while essays
examine God‘s creation of man and vice versa. Irreverent, but
largely (if not completely) irrefutable, the contents of this book will
amuse many and enrage some (or vice versa!), but should make all
who read it stop and think. Or at least, laugh.
Caught under my high-powered microscope are both the
most "civilized" and the most "primitive" cultures‘ ideas of how they
came to be and what—if anything—controls our life, death, and
whatever comes after. The more hysterical of historical concepts are
mounted for display, as well. Humor aside, this work is a sobering
view of religion and the impact it has on our race and our world.
Many more questions are asked than answers attempted. To
accept all, or any part of anyone‘s, or any group‘s interpretation of
important life-affecting things "on faith" simply because it can‘t be
understood, is not the mark of a thinking being. One might just as
well be an amoeba. It‘s no great crime or sin not to know...but it‘s
unforgivably foolish to not "wonder." You‘ll find plenty to wonder
about here. Just let yourself go, and enjoy the "trip"!