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Year 2178
Planet Earth.
A look at the horizon allows us to see everything that we had not seen
Certain beliefs began to crumble about that civilization based in rituals
and liturgies that only served to entrench its ills.
In the distance, a storm; nearby, fiery winds that take away rare birds
from our view.
“What is all this?”
“Where are we?”
“Watch out! It's perhaps only part of a bad dream.”
Our protagonists just realized that in this instant they are stepping on
a place that many had not been in a long time.
Certain suspicions haunt the minds of everyone as no one can
understand why they are surrounded by giant plants with sharp leaves
and flowers with petals edged with some orange color.
Just a few moments ago, we heard the voices of Anair, Odan and
Rad. They are members of the advance party sent by the inhabitants
of Carbal. And, I'm Maz, an adventurer with few resources who self
invites to any mysterious journey that reaches his ears.
So, yeah, yeah, that's why my feet are sunk six inches into the sand,
that's why a week before I was enjoying the pleasant company of
In search of Answers
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