In Love with the Boss HTML version

Chapter 1
"Don't say we're not right for each other because the way I see it, we might not be right for
anyone else." The Cutting Edge
Sitting at my desk I couldn‟t help but look outside at the beautiful spring day. Living in England
you have to enjoy every moment of a sunny day because you never know when you‟ll see a day
like it again. In the summer and spring English holidays are glorious, everything blossoms and
comes alive and everyone is smiling and drinking Pimms come sun or rain. The birds in the sky
and the sun shining down the Thames, I wish I was outside enjoying the weather, rather than
being stuck in a large office building, bored out of my mind.
This morning all I‟ve done is make a rubber-band ball to the size of my hand. It was very
impressive. I‟ve been working on this project for over a week. I‟ve cleaned and reorganized my
desk twice and also made Chris‟s tea... most likely wrong about three times in one day. I never
really have much to do, I'm sure there was loads of work judging by everyone running around the
place like mad but Chris… I mean Mr Howard hasn't given me any to do all day.
Working at HE, Howard Enterprise has been great. I was Christian Howard social secretary for
near a year now but have only worked with him for near six months. He was the owner and
founder of the business. Powerful and smart he had a smooth charm, kind hearted air about him
and a hilarious sense of humour. He was one of the richest aristocrat in all of London, not to
mention he was also the most handsome, sexiest man to ever walk the planet. He stood tall in one
can only describe as an incredible „fit‟ body, with large broad shoulders and a top half that
definite ly comple mented the rest of him. Jet black hair that made you want to run your fingers
through it and a face a model would be jealous of and a smile that could make a nun blush.
I guess that‟s why every time he would approach me I wanted to crouch down in a ball and hide!
I couldn‟t help but act like a giggling school girl in front of him, always making a fool out of
myself. For example when we first started working together I made such a boob of myself, I
honestly thought he was going to firer me on the first-day we met.
I made him a cup of tea, when he asked for coffee, I left the phone off the hook missing hundreds
of phone-calls and I ended up printing one hundred of the wrong slides on the photocopier, nearly
breaking the damn thing in the process.
For the last six months working with Chris I haven‟t learnt from my mistakes atoll. That‟s why it
was best that I just sat here and tried not to ruin anything. Let's just say that through the months
I've been working here I've managed to basically screw up everything that's been asked of me.
Not particularly big screw ups but still nothing ever ran smoothly and yet he still hasn't given me
the boot.
I don't understand why he hasn‟t seen what a terrible job I‟m doing. You have to be really bad at
your job to sit and list why ones boss hasn‟t fired you yet.
He is always saying how he likes my organisation skills, the fact that I bring him breakfast in the
morning without him asking. He finds it amazing how I manage to know every ones name in the
office and send cards to all his staff from him on their birthdays. When you‟ve got nothing else to
do, what else is there other than talking to other staff members? I was his social secretary which
meant I helped manage his social calendar. Remembering Birthdays, picking up de liveries here
and there was the only part of my job I could do right.
He also says that I‟m always smiling, which has an effect on the people around me, that my
goodness has rubbed off on people around here. I didn‟t really know what he was talking about