Immortality and Resurrection Updated HTML version

3. Some Protestant Premillennialists believe the wages of sin is eternal life with
torment for the soul that cannot die, which puts them in the camp of those that
believe death is not the wages of sin.
If we have either a soul or a spirit that is now immortal and can never die or be dead,
how could there be a resurrection of the dead? Do you believe in the resurrection of the
dead? If yes, what do you believe will be resurrected; will your dead body be raised from
the dead, or do you believe a soul that is not dead will be raised from the dead? When I
first begin this study I was surprised and made to tremble at how few believed in the
resurrection, and how many there are that do not really know what they believe about it.
Many believe some part of themselves will instantly be transited from this world to
Heaven or Hell at death without a resurrection before the resurrection and Judgment Day,
and before the second coming of Christ, but when they are asked what is the reason for
the resurrection, they not only do not know, but have never really thought about it. Death
is looked at as being a doorway to life in another form, that death is not really death, and
there is nowhere in their thoughts or in their faith for a resurrection for their theology
says no one is really dead. The resurrection has been removed from the faith of many by
today's theology that says some immortal part of a person will go to Heaven at the
moment of death. But is there any life after death before the second coming of Christ
and the resurrection of the dead? Paul said it will be at the resurrection when, "This
mortal must put on immortality," but if we have a soul that is now immortal, then what is
it that is now mortal that will put on immortality at the resurrection?
What does the Bible say about an immortal soul and/or spirit? Together soul and
spirit are used about 1,600 times in the Bible, but not one time is immortal ever used in
the same verse with either one, “immortality soul or spirit,” “deathless or never dying
soul or spirit” is not in the Bible, not even in the King James Version. Immortal and
immortality is not in the Old Testament, the promise of immortality is given to no one. In
the New Testament, immortal is used only one time in the New Testament, immortality is
used five times, all five by Paul. What does he say?
1. "Now unto the King eternal, immortal" (1 Timothy 1:17).
2. Only God has immortality (1 Timothy 6:16).
3. Christ "abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the
gospel" (2 Timothy 1:10).
4. "To them (Christians) for glory and honor and immortality" (Romans
5. "This mortal must put on immortality" (1 Corinthians 15:53) at the resurrection.
6. "This mortal shall have put on immortality" (1 Corinthians 15:54) after the
resurrection. This mortal person must put on immortality, not this soul that is
already immortal must put on immortality.
Why are we to "seek for immortality" if we are born immortal? Why will we "put on
immortality" if the only part of us that will ever be immortal has been immortal from
birth (or before birth)? The fact that a person must "seek for...immortality" and
immortality must be "put on" at the resurrection is conclusive proof that a person
does not now have immortality, nor does a person have some immaterial, immortal
something in them that cannot die. If Romans 2:7 and 1 Corinthians 15:53 teaches
nothing more, it teaches that no part of a person now possess immortality. Not one
passage in the Bible says anyone is now immortal; if no one is now immortal, no one