Illusions & Reality HTML version

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“There, phone calls made, everything’s in motion. See? Everything’s started.”
“Took too much time, four hours. I can only hold things off so long, you know. They’re still
hovering over the capital, the bombs. Nasty things, bombs. Too much hurt. Too loud.”
“I’m sincere. God, you can see in my heart, see that I’m sincere.”
“Well . . . I’m not sure if I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Ice melting, waters
rising. No time to build an ark. You do know how to swim, don’t you?”
“The treaties are back on. You heard me give the orders. I’ll have the bills on my desk in the
morning. I’ll sign them. I’ll meet with every head of state. I’ll apologize for all of it. I’ll make it
right with all of them.”
“You promise?”
“I swear on my heart, God. I won’t fail. I’ll . . . please, stop the bombs. Stop it all. You’re
God, you can do that.”
“And if I do, you won’t go back on your word?”
“No, I will not! I’ll follow through on everything.”
“Because I’ll know if you don’t. I won’t be able to stop it again.”
“God, please. Stop it all. Please! Don’t let the bombs land. Please. Don’t let my people
drown. Please, don’t kill the innocents.”
“You’ve done that already.”
“I’ll make it up to them somehow.”
“Not that easy, you know.”
“I’ll find a way. I’ll find it. I know I can. I can turn it around, God. I can.”
“Weeeeeell . . . .”
“Since you asked so nicely.”
“Thank you, God. Thank you. I’ll keep my promise. I won’t fail you again.”
“See that you don’t. Oh. And sonny boy?”
“Yes, God?”
“April Fool!”
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Karmic Justice
“But I don’t understand, Mother. How did it happen?”
The woman turned to the questioner. “I don’t know, Miriam. Omnipotence is not one of my
Miriam blushed. “Mother, what do we do now?”
“Have we set the arrivals apart?”