Illusions & Reality HTML version

* * *
“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, in the sight of God and these witnesses, to
celebrate the renewal of the vows of this couple, Joshua and Myra Winslow . . . .”
Myra and Dave were right. He had to let go, move on with his life. He was still living; he
needed to rejuvenate himself and rejoin the human race. True to her word, Myra had made a big
deal of helping him with the flowers and the gardens. She had taken over the area around the bird
bath, making it a real show place. It gave them something to do together, something to enjoy. As
the flowers blossomed, so did their relationship. And, he knew the family would understand;
they were part of this idyllic place now and in ways that they would approve of.
Yes, it was time to be alive, to look to the future. And what better way to do that, than to
renew his vows with the lady he chose to spend the rest of his days with—right in this garden.
So, he invited the remaining members of his family and hers to the back yard. He asked Dave to
be his best man. Myra asked her sister to be her matron of honor. The minister joined them and
they stood in the gazebo with the hanging pots of flowering geraniums. The guests stood among
the roses and lilacs, smiling and happy. No one suspected a thing.
And this time, he slipped the diamond on her finger as he promised to love, honor, and
cherish her. She was smiling through her tears, promising to do the same to him. The minister
proclaimed them man and wife, that he should now kiss his bride.
As she threw her arms around his neck, the sparkly flashing on her finger, she whispered in
his ear. “Oh, Josh, it’s so beautiful. Thank you, thank you.”
“You like it, my lady?”
“I love it!” She giggled, adding, “They truly are a girl’s best friend, you know.”
And mine, honey, he thought to himself. And mine!
~ ~ ~ ~
An American Prayer
For John and George
Yes, Melanie?”
“This isn’t Melanie.”
“Who are you, mister? And how did you get this number?”
“Just wanted to tell you that the Middle East has exploded.”
“Excuse me?”
“Oh, and the polar ice caps have melted. You should be feeling the rise of water any minute
“Who is this?”
“Also, the ozone is gone. Kiss the air good bye.”
“All right, whoever you are, this isn’t funny! I don’t know what game you think—”
“It’s no game.”