Illusions & Reality HTML version

She wanted to play the vixen, to bite and scratch. But she was not that way; he was different,
she couldn’t be that way. When he took her, he filled her with his pleasure. They rocked in a
single rhythm, her hands clasped around his neck. He whispered her name as they moved as one.
And when the moment came, he stiffened in her arms and then released against her shoulder. She
stroked his arm, whispering his name, and kissing the side of his jaw and neck.
When he rolled over to lie on his back, she saw the tears on his cheeks.
“Wyler? Wyler, is it your back? Have I done something to pain you? Wyler? What is it?”
He sniffed back the tears. “No, it isn’t my back. You’ve done nothing wrong, Molly. You’ve
. . . you made it all well again. You gave me back myself. My pride.” He reached to her, pulling
her close. “I have seen much, lost much. But you gave it back to me.”
She kissed his lips again. “I gave you nothing you didn’t already have, my love.”
“Then, allow me to give you something.”
“What is it, my love?”
He turned over, reaching into the bag that had been tied on his belt. He pulled out a scrap of
cloth and shyly handed it to her. When she opened it, she saw a band of silver carefully wrapped
inside. Her eyes widened as she looked up at him.
“It is for you, Molly. If you will have me. If you will honor me.”
Now, she burst into tears. He held her close and let her know it was all well. He held her
close until they slept, wrapped in each other’s arms.
~ ~ ~ ~
The Ballad of St. Anne's Reel
Inspired by the song, The Ballad of St. Anne's Reel
Words and Music by D. Mallett,
performed by John Denver on the Autograph album/CD
Welcome t’ PE Island, sir. How can I help you, eh?”
Jack nodded to the clerk. “My freighter isn’t here. I’m looking for the Mandy Lee.”
The young man inside the cage looked down, shuffled papers for a few moments, and then
looked back up with an annoying smile on his face. “Uh, she’s not in dock.”
Jack gave a nervous cough, planted his hands on the counter, and answered, “Yes, I know
she’s not in dock. That’s why I’m here. She supposed to be at dock three and she’s not. Nothing
is in dock three.”
“Oh, er . . . um . . . hmm.” He looked back down, shuffled the papers again, and looked back
up with the same smile. “Well, then, she’s had a bit of a delay, eh? Sorry, that.”
Jack was fast losing patience. “Sorry? Look, mate, I have to be on my ship in three days.
The Mandy Lee is the only one going to the States and if I’m not on it, I miss my ship. If I miss
my ship, I’m in dutch with the captain. Understand?”
“I’m sorry, sir—”