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the walls of his office. He was losing it, and badly. Zach couldn’t pull it back, the whole thing
was taking him again. The smell of the hospital disinfectant rose up in his nostrils and he felt the
vomit rising. He just couldn’t stop the crying. He couldn’t stop.
He spun away from the door, the tears still fresh on his cheeks. It was enough to stop the
tears, to help him gain control of himself.
“Sean? That you, man?” He hastily wiped his face with the back of his hands. “Sean?”
His query was met with only silence. Zach reached over and got a tissue and blew his nose.
He took another one and wiped the remainder of the tears from his face.
He felt a presence behind him. Good, Sean was back, worried about him. He blew out a
cleansing breath and gave a nervous laugh.
“Sorry, man, been a long day. I guess I’m a little more on edge than I thought. So, did you
find her? Find anything that can help us find her?” He turned back around and saw no one.
He heard the sound, low and rasping. He heard the laughter as it started from behind the
granite and marble. He watched the fleur de lis start to glow and saw exactly what Meg had tried
to tell him. Two eyes opened against the stone and started staring at him. The laughter echoed
out of the mouth of the fireplace and the smell of brimstone belched out on the foul breath of
whatever demon was inside. He was alone with it.
A Wager of Blood is scheduled for release in the fall of 2011.
~ ~ ~ ~
The Author
Jesse V. Coffey wrote her first book as author, J. W. Coffey—the name was chosen as
homage to her mother, as well as another unnamed, private influence. Born in Kentucky, she was
raised in Florida and then spent another twenty five years in Ohio. A writer since childhood, she
didn’t focus on the publishing aspect until 2001, when she completed her first novel and made
the decision to “put it out there for the world to love or hate on their own.” That first book was
titled The Savior and as she calls it, “the most personal of all of the books I’ve written.”
Ms. Coffey is a member of ASCAP, along with other writing groups and organizations. She
currently has a day job working for an online textbook seller. She lives in Lexington, KY with
Whiskers, her feline queen, for whom she acts as chief cook and poo-pan cleaner.
~ ~ ~ ~