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Introduction To
And last, but certainly not the least, I'd like to entice you with another bit that might just
interest you.
Yes, I do write novels as well. My first two were self-published by a novice with no idea
how to make them sell. However, I found myself a good publisher who was willing to take me
on. I'm happy to announce that my first traditionally published book will be out in 2007.
What started out as a simple, short ghost story (familiar pattern here, I think) turned into a
rather frightening series of dreams for me. I put them into story form and decided to be evil
enough to share them with you. I'm offering a small excerpt here, with the hopes that you'll buy
the full novel when it comes out after the first of the year.
And, by the way, you might want to leave the light on for this one . . . .
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A Wager of Blood
by J. W. Coffey
On a night in 1760, Matthew Harper played a seemingly innocent game of chance in the
parlor of the inn he owned. But, before the night was over, the inn belonged to Newell Thornton.
Matthew, his wife, and two other people lay murdered and the Inn burned to the ground. 240
years later, Zachary Harper is determined to reclaim the Thornton Inn for the Harper family.
What he doesn't know is the old Inn holds the key to that ancient murder, the gateway into
Zachary's private hell, and the souls of the four murdered people. He is soon swept up into a
diabolical game of chance where his own soul is the prize, and dice are loaded against him in a
demonic Wager of Blood.
Chapter Excerpt
The “Don’t Pass” Bet
* * *
It was her! But that was impossible. He saw the woman run through Sean and it was