Identity Theft Knowledge HTML version

Dumpster Diving:
They look through your trash for bills, financial statements, or anything
else that can be used to assume your identity. Your car or home may also be
broken into to find your personal information, including passwords to your
Your credit card or debit card numbers are captured by a special storage
device, which can be attached to the swipe-capture machine in a store, or
placed on an ATM. Another device
Thieves pretend to be online legitimate financial institutions or
organizations. They will send you spam, letters of concern, or pop up
messages to get you to reveal
Address Change:
Thieves may complete a “change of address form” to divert your mail to
another location.
Thieves will do whatever it takes to get your personal information. They
may steal your wallet or purse, your mail, bank or credit card statements,
new checks, tax information, abuse their employee authorization, watch as
you input your account number or pin number in an ATM and other
machines, memorize your account numbers as you write a check, and fill out
pre-approved credit offers. They may also steal your personnel records,
electronically transfer your information, or bribe someone with legal access
to your reports.
Thieves may use false pretenses to get your information from financial
institutions, telephone companies, and other sources. They may pose as an
can be secretly attached to any computer
and record every keystroke entered.
your personal information.