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All poems copyright © 2012 by Agyapong Philip Amo (Ofori-Ata)

Music Never Dies

Songs never die

Music never fades

Always present to keep us rollicking

From our genesis

Till our ghost are revealed

Never absent to keep us lonely

When the first baby bungs the world’s door open Music – Songs of welcome – Ushering

When the second kid catches puberty

Music – Songs of caution

During marriage and initiations

Musical scene corrupts the atmosphere in celebration of the occasion And when the third dies – when the unexpected happens Music – dirge – songs

But let’s sing songs to exploit our might to success Other says music is the food for the soul I say music is living it.

The Love of Joshua


The love of Joshua

Lay me to bed

Lay me in the depth of thine heart

So when I awake – I shall see sparkles of love Lightening around my helpless heart

Make me never see sorrow

Make me never feel pain

B’cause pain and sorrow steal love

Engulf my very heart with thine love

And never say good bye


The love of Joshua

Lay me to bed


I’m lost in the den of love

Because I tried to proof my love

In a far unseeable dream

If love was so wicked

I would carry it everywhere

But life goes on so long as blood flows I must gather up the pieces

Life! Not on a silver platter



They shouldn’t know

The secret of life, but death


When all the surveyors hide

And leaders throw golden dust in the eyes of the innocent No! They shouldn’t know

Nobody should hear me speak

Let’s bag the cash

And fill our insincere hearts with ironic joy and peace When the gray thought same

The surveyors soaked their intellectual hair in coal Oh no

The innocent girl must let the gray disappear Night falls on their future

No problem

The Future

The future is blear

The future is tiresome

Let’s eat and sleep

For the ears are strong

Stronger and they can’t be molded

Gray hair is its reputation

The youth are going blind

Yes the toddlers are futureless

Do no cry your own cry

Cry for me

Let them no one cry for you

The wise are few

Very few – indistinctively few

Spark up your feelings

You are a man

Yes you are a man

Ha! Your strength deceives you that you are a man The strength of men

Stays but for a short time

Death lays his icy hands on kings – they say, is no longer the truth Who do we call kings?

Who do we call the patriots?

Who do we make our role models?

Turn Around

A turn around

Let the jokers frown

A turn around

Let the jokers frown

To see funny foes

And turn around

Let the jokers frown

To see funny foes

Let the serious joy

To preserve a journey

A turn around

When the poor smiles

And the rich grumbles

There is always a turn around


Not all rich men have reached

Nor all deprived men are poor

A turn around profit awhile

A perfect turn around draws eternal peace Don’t Be Late

Don’t be late

The clock ticks

Do not be late

While pressure mounts

And pleasure pulls


Don’t be late

When the clock ticks

With your steps

Don’t be late

While space abound

And pleasure so sweet delight

Work without pace

And work another day

Time doze not and wait not

Tick tok tick tok

Don’t be late

Agyapong Philip Amo (Ofori-Ata) is a proud Ghanaian born in a town called Offinso in the Asante region and raised in Dormaa-Ahenkro, Nsawam and Accra respectively. He is a graduate student of the School of Performing Arts – University of Ghana and he is majoring in African Dance Traditions and Choreography. He has written a number of poems yet to be published and has choreographed dance pieces such as Destiny (2009), Exhaustion (2010), Afahyenfiasie (2011) and Su-Ban (2012). He works as a graduate assistant in the Department of Dance Studies

– University of Ghana, Legon.

27th June, 2012.

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