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Before we get started, please indulge me for just a moment and allow me to offer you my perceptions about your thoughts, your attitudes and the many opportunities that await you online. Granted I don't know you personally, but I’d like to make a few points clear since they apply to so many folks just starting out in business... online or offline.

If you search the business world looking for successful entrepreneurs, I guarantee you one thing. No successful person will allow any small hurdles or roadblocks to get in their way of fulfilling their dreams of success. If you're REALLY SERIOUS about finally making money online, then you can't let the "little things" get in your way. You can't let any hurdles in your path prevent you from moving forward!

Sometimes the most prudent thing to do is to take action even when you do not have all the facts...!


Just getting started is your best course of action. Pick a target and shoot! If you miss the target, you move on to the next one.


I guarantee you one thing: doing nothing will get you one thing: NOTHING.

Taking action toward what you want will always win... even if you start wrong, it's better than sitting still. As you move toward something, you create 'course corrections', refine your strategy, and learn from your mistakes but YOU KEEP ON MOVING.

Each and every day online, you're going to come up against another obstacle. It may be small - it may be big. Everyone in business has obstacles to overcome. I personally face obstacles online EVERYDAY! That's just the way business is... the road isn't always smooth or easy. There will always be some distractions as well.

Those that succeed in business don't allow anything to stop them from moving forward toward their goals. Each day you’ll gain more and more momentum and those daily obstacles ultimately become easier and easier to overcome.

Why? Not because it actually gets any easier.... It just becomes a part of your everyday business plan. Successful people are on a mission and they let nothing stop them from completing their mission.


If they’re unsure about how to do something that needs to get done, they LEARN HOW to do it...


If they’re unsure about how to use a program essential to running their business, they study and learn it until they do know how...

At times, they may even hire someone to do certain tasks that they feel they need specific help with, but they continually educate themselves and use all the available resources in their arsenal to overcome anything that tries to sway them from their focused path - a path that ultimately leads to success!

My point is this. If you aren't really, really committed to succeeding - if you're going to allow a few small hurdles or any necessary "learning curves" in business stop you from taking a new direction in life, a brighter, wealthier future, then to be perfectly honest with you, I don't know if this information will help you.

Succeeding in your own business will be the hardest yet most rewarding task you ’ll ever endure in your lifetime. It needs to be taken very seriously! It will make you think and think again! And when you’re done thinking, it’s time to brainstorm. Then, guess what... time to think again!

If you're the type of person who isn't willing to take a bit of responsibility for yourself and learn some new skills that may be outside of your "comfort zone", or you're not willing to accept some failures and learn from them and move forward toward your ultimate goal, then I probably can't help you. (And I say that with “mucho” respect for you and truly do wish you all the luck and success in any ventures you choose to pursue in life).

But if you are really committed to succeeding and you are willing to take charge and learn some new skills to develop and strengthen your business then I congratulate you!

What business are you really in?

When considering starting a new business or even expanding an existing business by using a drop shipping supplier, there is one very important concept that you truly need to understand.

This one concept is so crucial to your success that I ’ve actually seen entire businesses go from ZERO to THOUSANDS a month in profits once they REALLY understand this one concept and implemented it into their everyday business strategy.

What concept am I talking about? Glad you asked :-)


Let me explain.


When selling products and services online, you are not in the sales business.


For example, if you sell "digital cameras" - you are not in retail camera sales.


If you sell "novelty telephones" - you are not in novelty telephone sales. If you sell "stereo equipment" - you are not in stereo equipment sales.


Now, you might be scratching your head thinking “What the heck is he talking about?”


Let me explain.


When selling products and services online, you are not in the sales business.


For example, if you sell "digital cameras" - you are not in retail camera sales.


If you sell "novelty telephones" - you are not in novelty telephone sales.


If you sell "stereo equipment" - you are not in stereo equipment sales.


Now, you might be scratching your head thinking “What the heck is he talking about?”


Let me make this very clear...


When you’re selling merchandise online, you’re in the MARKETING business – plain and simple! That’s worth repeating…


When you’re selling merchandise online, you’re in the MARKETING business!


You don’t own an online gift shop that sells collectibles, but instead you MARKET collectibles online!


You don’t own an online clothing store, you Market clothing online!


That includes whatever products you have drop shipped from your suppliers. You’re in the business of MARKETING those products - PERIOD!


I just want you to imprint this ideology into your brain. When selling products online, you’re not in the sales business – you’re in the marketing business!

Overcoming Fear And Failures

Rest assured, in business you will come up against obstacles in your path. You will come across times when you don’t know exactly how to do something. You will have hurdles to jump. Don’t let that discourage you from pursuing your dreams and marketing your business. We all face obstacles every day. You mission is to overcome those obstacles and keep your momentum moving forward.

Once you do overcome an obstacle, it removes any barriers you self imposed in your mind like “I can’t do it” or “You need to have a special skill to be successful” and this will soon make you realize that YOU CAN do it!


You’re no different than anybody else. You have everything you need right here at your disposal to be totally successful online. You just might need some guidance to get you started on the right track.


That’s what this first lesson will do for you. Guide you and help you to understand why certain strategies and techniques are essential to your success when marketing products online, including drop shipping.


Are you ready to get started and take on a few challenges?...


GOOD! Let’s get started…


The 5 essential tools you’ll ABSOLUTELY need to make money online:

If you truly have made the commitment to yourself to start making money online, there are a few simple but very important tasks you want to be able to do YOURSELF in order to accomplish your ultimate goal online which is – MAKE MONEY.
Because you're still reading this report, I know you're serious about making that commitment to yourself and your business.

Be forewarned however... there are a lot of "cookie cutter" solutions heavily marketed online. A lot of people try taking advantage of these "tools or websites in a box". They think these “all in one packages” are going to allow them to skip any learning curves and jump right into a successful "pre-built" online business - in the fast lane.


Don't be misled into believing that! Below is a list of the most important - yet basic -things you'll absolutely need to have and learn - no questions asked - and I will be providing you all the tools you’ll need to accomplish and learn the skills necessary to succeed.

Understand this one final point before we dive into your lesson...

"If you're going to be successful online you need to start taking responsibility for yourself! You need to make your online business a success! You can't and won't fail! REMEMBER! Don't let any "technical hurdles" keep you from achieving your goals. Jump those hurdles as fast as you can.

Now, let's move along and get you started in building a "profit producing" website...