I'm Watching You HTML version

I‟m Watching You
By K. E. Ward
Gray clouds moved swiftly across a black sky, riding
with the anxious winds. The sky was ready to rip apart at
any moment, and the trees were tossing and swaying as the
temperatures plummeted. A storm was coming, that was for
sure: the town of Early Winter hadn‟t seen an inch of rain
for two months. The air was misty and the tree frogs were
humming in a cacophonous symphony, and the moon, a half-
crescent of radiant light, was casting an eerie glow on the
streets of the town.
Leah‟s stepmother stood behind her in the mirror as
she tried on a new dress.
“That one looks beautiful on you,” she said.
Leah squinted into the dirty full-length mirror,
examining her twelve-year-old figure with disdain.
“I don‟t like it,” she said.
Connie brushed her soot-black hair back gently behind
her shoulder as Leah adjusted the straps.