I'm Okay, Life's Okay


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Book Description

I'm OKAY, Life's OKAY is a guide for finally letting go of stress and anxiety and learning to relax into life. So often we feel we're getting life right or wrong and feel we're making mistakes and failing when really it's just all one game where we get to decide how to play. The book is designed to facilitate letting go of thinking that keeps us stuck and open to new possibilities. It's a must read if you're tired of fighting with life, feel like you're failing or are in need of a new "tune".


A good motivational read, helped me understand the many ways we tend to sabotage ourselves and our prospect of happiness.


Lisa Steingold

I am an executive coach, author and speaker. I founded the 7 principles of Magic as a methodology for the transformation and change of individuals. I'm a regular contributor to numerous publications and the author of 4 books and 8 eBooks. For more about my work, go to www.lisasteingold.com

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