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Download this FREE e-Book, and learn how its author became addicted to internet marketing. Discover the six (6) steps that he had to take to get back on track after having had a number of successful businesses in the past, but having failed miserably at internet marketing. Learn how it all became an obsession with him until he finally figured out how to do it right, and finally achieved success after nearly three (3) years of repeated failures!

Stephany M

This is great ebook for any newbie! Todd does a great job of capturing the many frustrations of diving into a new business and drowning in information overload!! Avoid making the same costly mistakes by taking the time to read this book.


Great ebook! This will definitely help someone who is facing challenges with info overload and "Failure To Execute" .


Great story! I'm one of the people Todd met at his first live event in Vegas and since then we have become friends. I can tell you Todd is the read deal and he's giving it to you straight. It was fun to ready how similar our journies have been so far in the IM world. I too got started with Ebay...first as a totally addicted buyer =)...and then to make money as a seller. Skip Mc Grath is a trusted Ebay resource and I'm still on his mailing list =) After reading your story Todd, I am inspired to go unsubcribe from a few =) I identify with the lack of focus and the appeal of the new bright shiny objects. On top of that I totally lakced computer and technical skills. It was when I met Chris Farrell that I too began to make headway. He is a fantastic mentor and highly ethical. My recommendation to all of you reading this comment...do yourself a favor and follow a lot of Todd's advice. In the end it will save you time and money...and I know because I too spent thousands of dollars on materials I was never able to use. Things like time management may sound simple...believe me it is the simple things we don't do that ruin our chances for success. The big event is the sum total of all the small things we are willing to do...or put out of our life when it comes to distractions. A wise man once said that of all the success principles...discipline is the most important for without it...none of the others work! Warmest Regards!...Go make it happen! =)Catherine Johnstonhttp://www.Begin2MakeMoneyOnli...


Excellent book Todd! Anyone who has gone through the "getting started" phase with internet marketing will be able to relate. Very motivating to see others go through the same thought process and stumbling blocks that you yourself have gone through. Good read!


21 pages only - the first 12 are guff and rant. He talks of 6 steps and being organised, but does not format the six steps. I only saw three in my skimming (with the rant style, its like a 21 page coookie cutter website).rate 0.5/10


Todd Fetters

I am a self professed internet marketing addict. I have been in marketing for over 20 years and have been involved in teaching others how to use the internet to market their offline businesses. I absolutely love this industry and couldn't imagine doing anything else!

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