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A true life story of abuse and survival.

sherry cole

This is a story worth reading

Beth Lambert

Kerie. I applaud you and your courage. With my statement on "once a victim, always a victim" I have experienced this as true UNLESS, you have the courage to break away. You and I both, have broken away. But, you and I are some of the very, very few that find a way to do this. May God bless you and truely keep you safe from ever experiencing something like that again. The keyword in your statement and my book is THERAPY. No matter whether we think we have dealt with something traumatic, it still leaves it's mark and only with therapy can you really truely overcome.....

Beth Lambert

You are right Kerie. But, it is not easy. I could not tell anyone. My mother and I didn't have a close relationship, I was quiet, shy and a very frightened child. Abusers use fear to control. So it is not easy. I've seen and heard of cases where the child would tell someone and not be believed. It is unexplainable but true. Most times, if the child is believed, a parents first instinct is to protect that child, so they keep it out of the courts and the abuser just finds a new victim. There are very, very few that end up in prison. So, the first step in protection is education and trust. Teach your child the dangers and build the trust between you. Only then will your child be somewhat safe. If you're a mom and you are suffering abuse in any form, and you think it is too difficult to get out, you CAN. There are so many people out there that can and will help. All it takes, is a phone call.

Beth Lambert

Hi Veronica.Yes there is. This is just a condensed version. I am still working on the full version but it is difficult as one tends to block the most painfull memories. Trying to unblock them and then writing it is an agonising experience but I'm getting there.


Insightful writing and hits very much too close to home..yet Somehow, I feel there is still a lot more of your story to tell.

Kerie Dewees

I stayed up to read your book I am done now and do find it to be a good read to for current abuse victims and for survivors. If abuse victims that are still being abused can read it, they can see life is good after abuse when you take control of your life. If your being abused it's not o.k get out, younger generation tell a councelor at school, mom's get yourself and your kids out now, Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse don't wait there is help.

Kerie Dewees

I can't agree with one thing, once a victim always a victim, I am no longer a victim I am a survivor. My abuse started when I was 16it was sexual abuse, I was raped 3 times by different men since I lived on the streets after being kicked out of my parents home they had no room for me anymore. I got married then the physical abuse came mental as well and torture. He almost killed me but i passed out before I stopped breathing. After 5 yrs I called his unit told them what he had done, they moved him back to the base. Took 3 yrs for a divorce, a lot of therapy but, I became a survivor.Beth, you too are a survivor this book put you on that path. Your no longer a victim.I am happily remarried to a police officer and safe from any abuse, I made life and myself strong again.

Beth Lambert

Thank you for the positive feedback. I really do appreciate it. You are right, I am no professional but my story is aimed at helping someone to realise that life is worth living no matter how difficult it may be at times. After 3 unsuccessful attemps at suicide, I realised that God had a plan for me. The more I opened up to people the more I learnt that there are many, many people just like me and if we could make people aware of this sickness in society, maybe, just maybe we could make a difference. And of course, I would not have been able to become the person I am without the love, support and guidance of the few truely exceptional people I have met. Comments like yours makes it all worthwhile. Thank you.

Beth Lambert

Thank you so much. You are right, without God, we are nothing.


I really liked the book a bit short but very inspiring and i take my hat off to you, You are a very couragous and brave woman. I'm glad your life has been filled with happiness,laughter and God's love "cause without him we can do nothing. Lelania


A very good book, but this book is not for everyone. The author is not a professional but never claims to be. It is a very raw read at times. I think this adds to the book in a positive way. The author leaves nothing to the imagination. She treads a very fine line with the details with this but does it extremely well. In other words, the book can be graphic at times when necessary, but I feel it is never gratuitous. We are not bombarded with details that are irrelevant (or irreverent) to the subject at hand. The author gives us just enough to know what is going on and no more. It is certainly a very sad tale with a hopeful ending. To Beth: Thank you for sharing and helping me -- someone who does not have personal experience with this -- to better understand this kind of subject matter. I wish you the best kind of happiness.

Corlette Maharaj

A great read. So many woman have lived this life, so many continue to live such lives and many more will live this life. Beth, a brave woman who made the break to freedom.

Muriel Wunder

It was an interesting story. I could relate to her life. It was short but a good read.

david Mercer

I grew up in an abusive family and I can say I experienced a lot of the same thoughts and feelings as you. I can understand why some readers would have a hard time believing this story if they never experienced something like it. In my opinion that is why so many stories never get told. I liked the book and I congratulate you for having the courage to tell your story.

emma crompton

Me and my sister went through the same thing and just like beth we both find it hard putting pen to paper but I am sure one day it will happen xxxx

Beth Lavington

Quite passable - easy to read (no big words) but quite gut wrenching in places


I quickly got the gist of this book after a few pages and then deleted it. Not my scene. I like biographies and autobiographies but not this kind.

Beth Lambert

To Frieda. I can promise you that every word written here is true. I know that some things sound unbelievable but as I've experienced, once a victim always a victim. It is as if predators can pick up on your vulnerability and use it to their advantage. I can also say that I wrote my story in order to "cleanse" myself (if I can say this for the lack of a better explanation). It has taken me six long years before I got the courage to submit this book but as I said, if my story can help just one person then I have achived that which I had set out to do.To Roy, thank you.


As the pages go by, more and more I doubt that this is really a true story...

Roy Hinchcliffe

Brilliant insight into abuse, very well writen, could not put the book down. It normally takes me months to read a book, I read this in one afternoon.Well done for surving this abuse.


Beth Lambert

It took an enormous amount of courage to put pen to paper and even more to publish this book. Although I am a very private person, I believe that my story could help someone overcome adversity. And, hopefully do it sooner than I.

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