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they have no knowledge of. Audism is a complex term used within
Deaf culture to illustrate hearing individuals whom discriminate the
Deaf due to ignorance or hatred towards the Deaf's choices. Audism
is taken from the Latin term audire, which means to hear, and -ism,
which is a system of practice, condition of, behavior, belief or attitude
towards something. Audism can also be defined as a belief in which
the hearing are superior to the Deaf and have a better quality of life
due to their ability to hear the world around them. Even though
audism mainly refers to hearing individuals, this term can also stretch
out and blanket what is referred to as Codas or little d deaf people.
Codas are imbedded within Deaf culture due to their parents who
one or both are Deaf. Codas themselves are hearing, and most
embrace their Deaf heritage along with the culture of the hearing.
However, in some cases Codas do not accept their Deaf culture and
resent their parents for not wanting to fix what they see as a problem,
therefore practicing audism. However, with most of these cases their
acts of audism is not due to ignorance. This expression of audism is
usually due to spite. Little d deaf individuals are people who are deaf,
but choose not to be a part of Deaf culture. In many cases the want to
be hearing is because of the lack of knowledge of the Deaf world due
to many possible factors, such as hearing parents who want a hearing
child, little to no interaction with other deaf individuals, especially