I am Human HTML version

Once upon a time Deaf used to be a word people looked down
upon. These people would label the Deaf with harsh terms, such as
“Deaf and Dumb” and the “hearing impaired”. Now with its ever
growing culture, more hearing individuals have grown to accept, love
and even be a part of this fascinating world in their own way. Deaf
individuals whom are a part of Deaf culture are not disabled. These
individuals are humans just like everyone else. They eat, breath,
sleep, hurt and communicate with each other efficiently. Deaf people,
as humans, differ in only one aspect. The hearing can hear and the
Deaf live their life in silence. However, when it comes to Deaf culture
the world of the hearing and the Deaf could not be more different. Yet,
some people are ignorant to the differences between these two
cultures, and because of their innocent ignorance audism rears its
ugly head. Throughout this short piece I hope to give some insight to
the ignorant and explain audism, give a brief overview of Deaf culture
based on my teachings and experiences and present a stepping stone
so one may begin their journey to learn American Sign Language and
more on Deaf culture through various sources such as dictionaries,
websites and young adult literature.
A significant amount of discrimination the Deaf are exposed to is
due to ignorance of their culture. Humanity in general is terrified of
what they do not know. Therefore, they shun these things, or people,