I Wasn't Smiling! HTML version

I was totally emaciated! In CAMP PUPPY MILL there’s no such
thing as happiness, security, fun, or joy. But to make matters
worse, my daughter Jody Wilson and I, along with scores of dogs
and cats were forced to endure two hells; living in a squalid
hell-hole called CAMP PUPPY MILL, and then having to endure a
horrible storm. This storm was beyond expectation or
interpretation. Let’s just say that it was a giant weather
monster. And believe me, this is no hyperbole, or even an
exaggeration of sorts.
As stated earlier, I was emaciated therefore I would’ve
been a great liability for my daughter Jody. She was getting
ready to ‘skip town’ with me, her mother. Unfortunately, I was
forced to close my eyes, stop breathing (temporarily), and well
... you know the rest, play dead.
“Mommy, please talk to me! Please ... mommy ... I love you!
Please don’t make me leave this hell-hole alone ... without you!