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Book VIII. At Home Again
Chapter 65. Cecilia In A New Character
Reaching the cottage at night, Emily found the card of a visitor who had called
during the day. It bore the name of "Miss Wyvil," and had a message written on it
which strongly excited Emily's curiosity.
"I have seen the telegra m which tells your servant that you return to-night.
Expect me early to-morrow morning--with news that will deeply interest you."
To what news did Cecilia allude? Emily questioned the woman who had been left
in charge of the cottage, and found that she had next to nothing to tell. Miss
Wyvil had flushed up, and had looked excited, when she read the telegraphic
message--that was all. Emily's impatience was, as usual, not to be concealed.
Expert Mrs. Ellmother treated the case in the right way--first with supper, and
then with an adjournment to bed. The clock struck twelve, when she put out the
young mistress's candle. "Ten hours to pass before Cecilia comes here!" Emily
exclaimed. "Not ten minutes," Mrs. Ellmother reminded her, "if you will only go to
Cecilia arrived before the breakfast-table was cleared; as lovely, as gentle, as
affectionate as ever--but looking unusually serious and subdued.
"Out with it at once!" Emily cried. "What have you got to tell me?'
"Perhaps, I had better tell you first," Cecilia said, "that I know what you kept from
me when I came here, after you left us at Monksmoor. Don't think, my dear, that I
say this by way of complaint. Mr. Alban Morris says you had good reasons for
keeping your secret."