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“I GOT YOU BABE” a novel. By Derrick Goodwin.
Chapter one.
I was drawing before I was six, mostly comic books starring a war correspondent
called Betsy. As I grew older, my characters got more sophisticated, like Fantastic
Jennie, girl of the future, and Janice Makepeace, determined private eye. I even
tried painting with coloured crayon. But my dad was a working man - he made
stockings on a big black machine called a power frame in a surgical supplies
factory, he said he couldn't afford to have any of his children dillydallying around
with art.
This will not be a typical Northern story, there are no Cricket bats in the hallway, or
Yorkshire pudding in the oven, and I never met J.B. Priestley, or Freddie Trueman.
But I did meet - Brian Trewin, a Southerner. He worked up here in York - for a firm
of stockbrokers. He was a good looking young man, but there was about Brian the
look of a man who needed finishing. He was a very boring, but kindly man.....so not
being spoilt for choice - my parents encouraged me to marry him. I'd met him in a
pub that was later to burn down. We had our first snack together in a cafe that was
gutted by a rampaging ten-ton lorry two weeks later. We spent our first dale at a
folk-club that caught fire the morning after. Now to some of you, this might have
meant that the romance was hot. To me - it meant that the relationship was doomed
from the start.
Like Holden Caulfield - in that book by Salinger, I'd wanted a red baseball cap
since I was twelve years old. I was