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problems. Even while living at an obese weight I have
been blessed with what most consider good health.
In the past I have tried many diets and exercise
programs to take off the pounds. My goal was to
simply look better and possibly have more energy. All
of these diet plans worked while I was on them. As
soon as I would make some real progress, I would find
myself at a party or picnic and then back to eating
and eating and again eating. I could not get myself
interested or fired up about going back on the diet
plans, so I would continue on with my lifestyle of
unhealthy eating.
I can’t even count the number of times I have asked
God to help me lose weight. Each time I would ask
Him for help, I would start the day with a sensible
meal and continue from there down the slippery slope
of unhealthy eating. By the end of the day I end up
repenting and trying again the next day, only to
repeat this pattern each and every day tried.