I Can't Do It, Yes You Can (Transforming Fear) HTML version

Though being brutally honest, it has to be said that engaging with and transforming our
own human dynamics can be quite a challenge, yet here’s the truth. Once engaged and
applied, which in a general sense can be weeks, months to a year, then real magic and
genuine positive changes begin to happen.
Though what do we mean by magic?
When read (and when read with intent to digest), the material within shifts the cogs and
gears of the inner self. The upshot is that your entire life and reality begin to project and
reflect these shifts, and on occasions reality provides a quantum leap that to the naked
eye, looks like magic. Of course it is not really magic, it is your own consciousness
allowing shifts to occur.
So where did we get this material from?
Well, let’s keep that until you’ve read the modules – yes, we said modules because there
is more than one, but do not worry because they are all brought to you with affordability
in mind. That is, the four main personal and one professional development modules are
for the time being, 100% free.
With that being said, take some comfort in the knowledge that the modules presented
have been compiled with the upmost diligence. In our view, it is quality material
distributed freely, though we’d rather refer to it as open source. Meaning that, for 10
years we really did work with high-ranking individuals, CEO’s, middle managers, and
everyday people, and at no cost whatsoever, you will directly benefit from their raw
experiences and input. Each module has real facts and figures, and while the following
makes no difference to your reading, we did not put these modules out until they were
proven to unanimously work with consistency and reliability.
The Goal
When you think of the word fear, what is the first thought that comes into your mind?
FEAR is mostly thought of as a FRIGHTENER and something that should on all
occasions be avoided.
However, the ultimate aim for this module is to show and guide how to cultivate the
energies and forces of fear in a way that will produce preferable and uplifting outcomes.
This module has three key goals:
1 – To identify, unearth and dissolve inner fear
2 – To discover how to transform the energy of fear without the need to physically
live it out
3 – To do what the title suggests. That is, approach everyday life with a real inner “can
do” attitude that contributes to a feel good existence.
Section 1 - The Dynamics of Fear