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I Can’t Do It, Yes You Can
(Transforming Fear)
Beyond Timelines
I Can’t Do It, Yes You Can (Transforming Fear)
Copyright © Beyond Timelines 2014
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Thank you for choosing to download this Beyond Timelines personal development e-
book module and welcome to what is in our view “uber cool feel good stuff”. Though it
has to be said that once you get to know us, you might wonder why our light sense of
humor has been omitted from this module. It is because a large degree of focus and
connection is required and when setting out on a personal transformational journey, all
other things are distractions, and that includes our sense of humor. However, we
promise that once the initial core modules have been applied, we will put lightness into
forthcoming material, yet we assure you by the time you’ve got through this module that
you will indeed feel better, more self reliant, and more in control than you do today. This
is not to say that you are out of control, on the contrary, it is a suggestion that after
reading and applying this module, your life will become more meaningful, your self
esteem will grow, and your confidence will strengthen.
Nevertheless, by now you may be getting a hunch as to how intense these e-book
modules may be – and we unashamedly prepare you now because yes, they are very
Throughout they can appear heavy and you may come to points whereby you may just
want to stop, and put the whole thing down. This is normal and expected. If you come to
this juncture, then by all means put it down and rest, but please abstain from throwing it
out, and do make a note that once things have cooled off, you will pick it up again.
This happens because when you challenge your own self, then yourself will come out to
challenge you. First we come up against our own emotional and mental defenses, then
we come up against resistance and inertia towards change. However, by the time you
have completed this module, not only will you have a good understanding of how human
dynamics work, you will be gaining a large degree of control over your own inner